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Cats & Dogs (2001)



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There is scarcely a movie that can't be made better with ninjas. Cats & Dogs is a movie made better with ninja cats, and, as if that weren't enough, a cute little Russian commando kitten as well.

The war between cats and dogs is, or at least seems, as eternal as time itself. Sometimes the war is waged more fiercely between cat lovers and dog lovers than by the actual animals. I'm a dog person myself, but arm a cat with night vision goggles and throwing knives, and I'm on the fence.

This movie suggests that cats and dogs are actually as smart and technologically advanced as we are, if not more so, and have been waging secret warfare for global dominance since ancient Egypt. If it sounds silly, it is -- delightfully so. Cats & Dogs is relentlessly creative and amusing, and it doesn't hurt that the animals are cute and the visual effects are spirited and seamless. While pure fluff, it's fine entertainment for the young and young at heart alike.