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Bowfinger (1999)



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The double bill of Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy seems like it should produce superior results than this, but once the heightened expectations are disposed of, this is actually quite a funny film. Martin plays a desperate movie producer-director that'll do anything to get a movie made. He's devious and conniving, and the extremes to which he'll resort to make things happen comprise a good chunk of the movie's humor. Another hefty chunk are the dual performances by Eddie Murphy. These days it seems almost a law that Murphy play at least two roles for every movie he makes. As long as he's as good as he is in this, it's all right by me.

I like movies about movies, like this one. While Bowfinger is not the best such film, I enjoyed it and appreciated its sense of the glamor of the movies: that glamor may only be on the surface, but, darn it, it's fun.