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Boris and Natasha (1992)



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Boris and Natasha, supervillains from the classic animated series, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, deserved much better. This film could have been done right, but it wasn't. Where the original cartoons had witty, razor sharp dialogue, this film's script has sparsely populated slapstick gags. Worse, none of the actors are convincing enough to be, in the viewers' minds, those delightfully bad characters from the cartoon series. Boris is short, Natasha is tall, and Fearless Leader has an eyepatch. The similarities more or less end there. (At the very least, Boris and Natasha's thick accents could have been attempted!) Assorted cameos (including June Foray, the original voice of Rocky) and a couple moments of hilarity toward the end hardly make up for almost an hour and a half of boredom. Stick to the series.