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Blazing Saddles (1974)



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Mel Brooks' third film, and one of this most famous, is his first spoof of genre films. Blazing Saddles targets the western. It stars Cleavon Little as a slave-turned-sheriff and Gene Wilder as a gunfighter-turned-drunk. And they're hysterical. The trouble is, not nearly enough of the movie is spent with them. Although the inclusion of Slim Pickens in this parody enlivens its setting, none of the large supporting cast is put to good use. Harvey Korman, whether a fault of his own or of the script, utterly fails to induce so much as a smile, while Madeline Kahn's scenes transgress beyond unfunny, sinking to depths of prolonged boredom and pain. And the roles Brooks cast himself in are just dumb.

But as stated, Little and Wilder have impeccable comic timing, delightful chemistry, and some outrageous gags. It's worth seeing this movie just to see them -- and the great title song.