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Alaska (1996)



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Alaska has the dubious honor of containing the single brattiest kid I have ever seen in a movie, complete with the requisite spineless parent that meets his snotty tantrums with fallen shoulders and mournful grimaces instead of stiff parental discipline. These scenes occur at the very beginning of the movie, and it put me off it for quite some time. It was a good hour, in fact, before I stopped secretly hoping that the badguy would gore him in the belly for kicks. But lest I be too harsh, once the temper tantrums are over, the kid settles for being merely irritating, and the film becomes an enjoyable if formulaic adventure with the gorgeous backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness. The story has two kids (one of them wasn't annoying at all) journeying out into the mountains to find their father, whose plane went down in a storm. Along the way, they run into a baby polar bear -- the real reason to see this movie -- and a couple of poachers out to get him.