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The Duel of the Ages

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The Duel of the Ages was based on two novels, one by David J. Parker and one by Samuel Stoddard. For over 10 years after we first offered The Duel of the Ages online, these novels were unavailable to its readers. But now, thanks to the phenomenon of on-demand publishing, we are pleased to offer these original novels for sale.

David J. Parker's The Cat's Meow is available for sale now, in hardcover, paperback, and as a downloadable PDF file. See below for details. Samuel Stoddard's The Mad Overlord is not available yet but should be later this year.

The Cat's Meow

Dave Parker, on The Cat's Meow:

Presenting, for the first time ever in dead tree form (and digital download for you people who like that sort of thing), the epic tale of Darius Longshore in a special annotated edition!

The special annotated edition includes the full text of the story that was half the inspiration for The Duel of the Ages (and also provided much comic fodder for Sam's adventure game The Game of the Ages), plus over 200 footnotes making fun of how awful it is.

Because let's face it... It's terrible.

No, seriously. This thing is Gong Show bad. It's Mystery Science Theater 3000 bad. It's "make fun of the terrible singers night" American Idol bad.

Of course, I used to think it was good. But since then, I've become older and wiser, and realized that, no, it's not good.

So why am I offering it for sale now? Two reasons. One is because readers of Duel of the Ages have for years asked how they can read the novels that it borrowed from. The second reason is that I'm a money-grubbing capitalist pig. BUY IT AND MAKE ME RICH! Ahem....

There was no way, however, I was going to just put the thing out there without some kind of indication that I realized how awful it was. I couldn't just put it together and offer it for sale as it was. So I went back through it and footnoted all the ridiculous crap, awful writing, mistakes, and all the sweet plot-railroad bits for your enjoyment.

So, without further ado, here are the links so you can BUYS MY BOOK:

Hardcover | Trade Paperback

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