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Reader Poll Contest


This contest ran from 10/25/99 to 11/1/99.


The winner and first runner-up are awarded official RinkWorks ballpoint pens. The winner also receives, in addition, a RinkWorks soda can opener -- slip one end over the tab of a soda can and pull. So much easier than just pulling the tab!


Come up with the most interesting question that might be asked in the Reader Poll section of RinkWorks. Entries must include not only the question but the available answers as well; the number of answers may not exceed thirteen.

Suitability for actual use is a requirement of all entries. We reserve the right to use any entry, not just the winners, as a poll question someday, though we may not choose to use every entry.


This was the hardest contest to judge so far, and until I actually thought hard and decided upon the winners, I was not the least bit sure my decision wouldn't be entirely arbitrary. Unlike previous contests, where the humor value was the primary criterion, this time I was looking for questions that were original and intriguing and would produce interesting results when I ask them of my readers. Humor was an added bonus (and, indeed, the winner's question certainly made me laugh), but the winner was chosen more for its oddball originality and the fact that I am interested to know how people will answer the question, even if the results end up being no more than a curiosity rather than of any practical use. The first runner up was chosen for entirely different reasons: rather than being off-the-wall or humorous, it is a thought-provoking question. RinkWorks primary purpose is entertainment, of course, but I try to slip in nuggets of thought provocation now and again to keep readers active and on their toes.

When I was first writing the scripts that handle the Reader Poll, I was going to put a permanent notice on the poll page asking for question suggestions from readers. I decided to hold off on it, planning for this contest first; now that it's over, I will post such a notice. Unlike with previous contests, late "entries" will not be listed at the bottom of this page (except for a few entries that came in after the contest deadline but prior to its judging); however, your submissions will still be considered for use as a poll question, so please don't be shy about submitting more questions -- I welcome them all.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the results of this contest. I will be asking many of the submitted questions in the Reader Poll in the weeks to come, in no particular order, the winners and finalists probably sooner rather than later but not necessarily. Thanks to all who participated!


And the winning entries are:

Special recognition goes to:

The remaining entries, alphabetized by author (first name or nickname), follow:

Lastly, the following entries were submitted after the contest deadline but before judging (future late entries will not be posted here, but they will be considered for use):

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