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Treasure Hunt #1


This contest began on 10/13/99 and was completed later that day.


The winner is awarded an official RinkWorks ballpoint pen and, as if that weren't enough, an official RinkWorks paint brush.


The winner is the first person to find the Secret Page, which is linked to from somewhere on RinkWorks. On some public, freely accessible RinkWorks page, there is a small black diamond. It looks like this: (just like the empty square marker in Enchanted Forest). The diamond will appear next to the advertising banner (just to the right of it) at the top of the page. Find the page with the diamond and click on it, and you will be taken to the Secret Page, which will give you a Secret Code. Be the first to email me with the correct Secret Code, and you win!

For simplification purposes, certain large sections of RinkWorks are out of bounds -- i.e., you can be guaranteed that the black diamond does NOT appear in any of the following pages: (1) any review page on At-A-Glance Film Reviews (though it may appear on other pages at that site, such as the index pages), (2) any message page on the RinkWorks Message Forum (though, again, it may appear on other pages there -- just not on individual message pages), (3) the hints and solutions pages of Brain Food (you guessed it -- the diamond could still appear on other pages on that site), (4) any page where the URL ends in .cgi; this includes any game-in-progress page of Adventure Games Live, Enchanted Forest, Classic Games, and Trivia Stampede, and search requests or random link pages on the RinkWorks sites that have those.

Happy hunting!


The winner is "Zarkon," who found the Secret Page in Slapdash City's Virtual Eye Doctor section the evening the hunt began. The exact page it was located on was

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