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Motto Contest


This contest ran from 10/4/99 to 10/12/99.


The winner and first runner up are awarded a brand spanking new official RinkWorks ball point pen each. The winner is also awarded, in addition, a shape tracing thingy.

A bonus prize of a RinkWorks pen is awarded to one entrant who had three of his entries as finalists.


Come up with a motto that fits the spirit of the RinkWorks site that could theoretically be adopted as the site's official motto. (We do not actually expect to adopt any contest entries as RinkWorks' official motto, but we do reserve the right to do so with any contest entry.)


Again, the judging was difficult. For those who are not aware, this contest actually has its roots in one of the Message Forum's earliest threads. And, in fact, the winner I chose turned out to be one from that thread that was submitted to the contest by its author. Nonetheless, I loved seeing what people came up with and enjoyed the influx of extremely creative submissions.

In addition to the usual prizes for the winner and first runner up, I've decided to award a bonus prize (a RinkWorks pen, of course) to the one who had as many as three of his ten entertaining entries in the final round of judging.


And the winning entries are:

Special recognition goes to:

The remaining entries, alphabetized by author (first name or nickname), follow:

The following suggested mottos were contributed to the original message forum thread on the subject but were not resubmitted for this contest:

Lastly, the following entries were submitted after the contest deadline and subsequent judging:

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