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R.I.N.K.W.O.R.K.S. Contest


This contest ran from 9/14/99 to 9/21/99.


The winner and first runner up are awarded a brand spanking new official RinkWorks ball point pen each. The winner is also awarded, in addition, a suction cup.


Come up with the craziest, looniest, and most creative phrase, sentence, quote, or passage that the acronym R.I.N.K.W.O.R.K.S. might stand for. Entries will be judged according to my strange, often unconventional, and seemingly arbitrary sense of humor. Participants are also invited to come up with what the shorter R.I.N.K. might stand for, should that task be easier and lend itself more to comic possibilities -- but submissions for this shorter acronym are not eligible for prizes.


It's a cliche to say so, but I mean it. This contest was extremely difficult to judge. RinkWorks clearly has an audience with a great deal of creativity and imagination. I look forward to running future contests that challenge the creativity of its participants -- but I don't particularly look forward to judging them.

The winners were chosen based on a number of subjective criteria. The most important was if the entry made me laugh when I read it. Cleverness and/or creativity counted very highly. Another criterion was that it flow well, make sense, and not look too obvious that it was "forced" to fit the acronym (unless there was a witty reason to break this rule). Relation to the RinkWorks web site was counted favorably but was not an overriding concern.

The winners are the result of pruning all that I could bear and then some. I cannot bestow enough thanks upon the participants of this contest for making my job difficult.


And the winning entries are:

Special recognition goes to:

The remaining entries, alphabetized by author (first name or nickname), follow:

Also, there are a few ineligible entries, either because they were not expansions of R.I.N.K.W.O.R.K.S. or, as is the case of the first one, because I was the author:

Lastly, the following acronyms were invented and/or submitted after the contest deadline and subsequent judging:

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