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The Mystery of Paradise Island

By Samuel Stoddard

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 6

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Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 6

10Kan: Hurrah!
asterismW: Hooray!
* Maryam waves flags and goes "yaaaaaaay".
10Kan: That title's getting really euphemistic as this story goes on.
: WHOA! Golly! Oh man! That was the WORST DREAM I EVER HAD!
Maryam: o.O
TalkingDog: LOL
10Kan: LOL
asterismW: Oh no...
LaZorra: O.o
NessaChan: yay Tyler Wyler!

The End

iwpg: LOL
LaZorra: !!
NessaChan: AHHH
TalkingDog: LOL LOL
10Kan: No wonder he's so concerned with hygiene.

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 6

: I should feel bad for Buck.
: He was a liar. He was working with someone who is trying to kill us. But he was still a human being.
: But you don't feel bad.
: No. And that scares me. More than I can say.
: Doesn't it say something about yourself that it scares you?
: You're worrying about how you feel. It must have upset you -- just not in the way you expected. And that's ok.
: I suppose you're right.
: But Jay's death makes me truly sorry. He seemed such a gentle soul.
: I suppose it's too much to hope that he was the killer all along, and he died of old age before he got to the rest of us?
: He could have been, Hayley. He could have been.
: But you don't think so either.
: No.
: Hayley...these past couple days.... They've really made me think about things. Life. What I want out of it. I love you, Hayley.
: I want you to marry me.
asterismW: Better do it fast, before you're both dead.
10Kan: Mark of death!
: Oh, Matt....
: I love you, too. *smile*
NessaChan: *throws confetti*
: No.
: No??
NessaChan: *sweeps up confetti*
Randy: Nice
: No. We've been through a lot the last couple days. We're all afraid for our lives. Maybe you want to marry me. But maybe when we get through all this, when we get back to some semblance of normal lives, maybe then you won't want to. Maybe you'll look back and see this as a rash decision of a man under pressure.
: Hayley, I--
: If you still want to marry me after we're out of this, Matt -- ask me again. Ok?
: Ok.
Kysle: She's going to kill him!
: *hug*
: Ow! *wince*
: Ow?? What's the--whoa, Hayley, that is one painful looking bruise on your head! How'd you get that??
: *cringe* It's nothing, really.
: Nothing! It's huge!
: Ramona's feet did it.
: Ramona kicked you in the head??
: *laugh* No, she stirred in the night and touched me with her feet. Would have been warmer if she'd hit me with a snowball. I shrieked and sprang away, fell out of bed, and smacked my head into the nightstand. Regular Laurel and Hardy moment.
iwpg: LOL
: Ow! Let me kiss it....
: No! Don't touch it!
: Ok, ok, I'll kiss next to it.
: *cringe*
: *kiss* Better?
: *smile* Yeah.
* Kysle is going to puke.
LaZorra: Gag me with a spoon. Please.
* Maryam gags LZ with a spoon.
LaZorra: Maryam: Thank you, that's much better.
asterismW: Sam, I'm surprised you didn't Photoshop a big ol' purple bruise on her forehead.
: Hello, Cody, good mor--
10Kan: DE-NIED!
: Matt, I want to talk to you. Now.
: Excu--
: It's ok, Katie. Can you give us a minute?
: ... All right. I'll go keep Ramona and Julie company.
: Let's walk, Cody.
10Kan: Yes, go someplace secluded.
: *PUNCH!*
: Aargh!
: *PUNCH!*
: Oof. Hey! Hey!
Maryam: Whoa.
LaZorra: !!
NessaChan: O_o
asterismW: Yeah, Cody!
: *miss!*
: *shove!*
: *furious glare*
10Kan: There, now our happy couple has matching bruises!
LaZorra: 10K: LOL
: What's all THAT about??
NessaChan: Yeah! What's all that about?!
: You killed Jay. You KILLED HIM.
: I did no such thing!
: I left the room last night. Curse me for leaving him alone with you for even a moment. What'd you do? Poison? Couple of drops down his throat while he slept??
: The man was 99 years old! You know how to kill a 99 year old? You wait a minute.
: *PUNCH!* DON'T you say anything about him. Don't you DARE!
LaZorra: Careful, Cody, you're going to make people think you're the killer.
: *dodge* *shove*
: You got up in the night, too. Didn't think I noticed, did you? You think I was going to go to sleep with you around? You got up and were gone a good long time. Is that when you killed Buck? Huh??
: I was wrong about you. You're not 19. You're just a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. You should see yourself.
: *PUNCH!*
: *dodge* *KICK!*
: Ooof...!
Maryam: They just need a sandbox.
: You got up in the night. Maybe you killed Buck. I got up in the night. Maybe you killed Jay.
10Kan: Only one way to settle this. THUMB WRESTLING!
: I can account for what I was doing when I got up in the night. How about you? Huh? How about you? How come you got up in the night? *shove* Huh? *shove* Huh?
: *glare*
: *glare*
: *glare*
: *glare*
Revan: *glare*
whitehelm: *glare*
LaZorra: >:-|
iwpg: >:-|
* NessaChan puts on sunglasses
: Follow me.
* whitehelm looks
LaZorra: LOL LOL
10Kan: Mmm!
asterismW: Awww...
Maryam: Awwww.
TalkingDog: Awww.
Revan: There's obviously explosives in the cookie. The murder weapon.
: It would have been Jay's 100th birthday today. Well go on -- laugh. I don't know nothing about baking cakes. I found some cookies and some candles. Best I could do.
10Kan: Y'know, since nobody's going to eat that...can I have half?
: He...*tears*...didn't even get to see it.
LaZorra: Awwwww.
asterismW: Awww...
: I'm sorry, Cody.
: Never mind. You said you could prove what you were doing last night. Well??
: I'll show you, Cody. I promise. But it might make more sense if we joined the ladies first and put all our cards on the table.
: It's time we all stopped pretending about who we are and why we're here.
10Kan: Finally!
: How about you start, Cody?
: How about you start? I've done enough talking.
: How about I tell you why you're here, and then you fill in the details.
10Kan: How about YOU get some BRAINS!
: It's all about horseracing. The Piper Downs Racetrack in Kentucky was robbed a year ago. The job was brilliantly planned and executed. There had to have been at least twelve people working together, including a couple on the inside. They each had their own parts to play. One plants a vehicle. One smuggles in a bag. One creates a diversion. One does this, one does that. Two guards are killed in the process, and seventy million dollars disappears into thin air.
: Two members of the gang are caught. They're offered a deal, and they a point. They come clean about their own parts in the caper, but they say they don't know anything about anybody else involved. They're contacted only indirectly, they say. They don't know who they're working for, with, and one of them even says he was never told what the job was. All they know is the mastermind is codenamed Big Red. Now...maybe they were lying. Maybe they knew more than they were saying. Maybe they didn't. We'll never know. They were killed in prison a week later.
10Kan: I have a feeling Big Red died in a helicopter explosion earlier.
: Genevieve was one of the gang. See this note? It was found in her things after she died. 'Pay for the Piper, or pay in the pen.' Somebody knew of her involvement at Piper Downs and threatened to go to the police unless she came to this island, presumably to meet a blackmailer. I have reason to think Tyler was in it, too, only he wasn't blackmailed -- he was conned into thinking the law was onto him, and this island would be a good place to hang out.
: I guess that's my cue to come clean, huh?
Revan: LOL I have those exact neck beads.
: I think it's time we all laid our cards on the table. I think it's pretty obvious the murderer among us knows everything about us, and that puts the rest of us at a disadvantage. So let's even the scales a little.
: I was a driver. I didn't know who I was driving for, or why, but I was paid just well enough that I did it and just little enough that I didn't ask questions. Park a car in a certain spot. Speak to no one. Wait for a man with two brown leather briefcases. Be ready to roll. The next morning, I heard the place had been knocked off, and I put two and two together. A year later, I got a note like Genevieve's. So did Katie.... *faraway look*
: ...
: All right. I was one of the gang, too. So was Camille -- I recognized her when she arrived. That's what we were talking about before she died. My job was to drop a bag into one of the offices inside. Equipment, presumably. I was never told. I was paid not to ask.
: I can't figure you out, Cody.
: Can't you?
: No, I can't. Ramona, sure -- a kid who idolizes her upstanding older sister but can't compete with her. Her sister is smarter, prettier--
: Hey!
: Matt...!
: ...especially in their own mother's eyes. She's desperate for attention and independence, both at the same time. When a shady job comes along, she sees a way to prove herself, however misguided. But why you, Cody? Smart-looking, clean cut, well-dressed kid like you....
asterismW: Cody has problems with his father, though.
: And how do you think I got to be smart-looking and well-dressed? My mother was a good woman. But she married a cruel, no-good drunk, who drove her to poverty and eventually to suicide. When he couldn't steal from her anymore, he started stealing from me. And I'd better have something for him whenever he came looking, if I wanted to stay out of the way of his fists.
10Kan: You're good, asterism.
: Well I got sick of people stealing from me. Figured it was time I started getting back. I taught my father to respect me. Boy, did I teach him. And then I started teaching others to respect me. No more rags for me. No more people turning up their noses at me. I was going to be the guy that everybody looked up to. If not...well, you think you're better than me because you got money...maybe you don't have money anymore.
10Kan: The guy everone looks up to, except when he's pretending to be a bumbling, stumble-tongued teenager.
: *frown* So you turned into a bully, just like your father.
: NO! *seething* My father was a coward! He only picked on people weaker than he was. That ain't me! I only hit the people that hit me, and I do it with my brains, not my fists. If you lose to me, you deserve to. If I can take your money, maybe I'm more entitled to it than you are! But I'm no killer. I wouldn't have done the Piper Downs job if I thought anybody'd get hurt. But I shouldn't have done it anyway. I was used. Paid, yes -- but used. I should have stuck to my principles. I don't work for anybody but myself.
10Kan: He headbutts them, you see.
: So what's your story, Katie, since you're so quick to judge? What part did you play in all this?
: *looks at Ramona* ... *looks at Matt* ... We're putting all our cards on the table, are we?
: I think that's best.
: My name isn't Katie. Katie was a friend of Ramona's and, yes, also a participant of the heist at Piper Downs. In fact it was through Katie that Ramona came to be involved.
10Kan: I'm glad no innocent, upstanding citizens were harmed in this story who weren't 99 years old already.
: Katie and Ramona both received blackmail threats. Katie panicked--
: She killed herself.... *sniff* Couldn't handle it, I guess. But that just made me all the more determined. I was going to meet this blackmailer, and there'd be hell to pay. So what about me? I drove a car. Big deal. Whoever sent those notes killed my friend as surely as if he'd pulled the trigger himself.
: So who are you, then?
: My name is Hayley. I'm Ramona's sister. When Katie died, Ramona came to me for help. I said I'd come along with her and pretend to be Katie. The blackmailer would be the only person who'd see through the ruse, and we were hoping that would give him away. If not, I had an ace in the hole that might work instead.
10Kan: "I would lure everyone who might know about the crime to a remote island and kill them one by one."
iwpg: LOL
: And what would that be?
: My detective of a boyfriend.
: Hi.
: You're a COP??
: No, just a private detective. I was a cop once. Didn't like the politics. So I opened my own business. Kept some of my own connections, though. I have my old partner as a contact inside the force, and he's got me as a contact outside of it. Anyway, when Hayley told me what was going on with Ramona, we decided I'd come along, too -- but separately, so I could spy out the blackmailer without him knowing I was on his tail.
: But somebody knew you were coming.
: Yes. Somebody dropped my name to you.
: And me, Matt. The letter I got was from a Mr. Spilk, too.
: Really? Yes, Hayley told me you asked her about the name.
: I don't understand. Not only did somebody know I'd be here, but somebody knew I was coming well ahead of time. But even so -- why use my name to lure you two here? Wouldn't anybody else's have done?
: Here's an idea. Maybe you really did send that letter to me.
: Don't be silly.
: It's your name.
: It wasn't him. Or at least it wasn't him that got me out here. The man who identified himself as Matt Spilk to me spoke with me over the phone. The voice isn't the same.
: Why did the blackmailer use your name, Matt? He...or toying with us.
: Toying?
: Creating confusion and having fun at the same time. By dropping your name, our murderer nurtures an atmosphere of distrust. Was it you? Wasn't it you? If it wasn't you, who knew you'd be here?
: That's a sick thought.
: But it makes sense. You said Genevieve was killed with an apple Tyler had? Why? Surely there are easier ways to choke somebody. Tyler was framed...but then immediately exonerated by his own death next. All the confusion, all the false threads of suspicion, make our murderer's job easier.
whitehelm: Or maybe it just means some internet community out there is voting on who dies next
Sam: white: COULD BE!
: And what about you, Julie? What's your part in all this? Are you really a scholar of game history?
: Yes, Cody, I am.
: But maybe you like to hang out at the track in your spare time?
: Certainly not.
: You have no connection to Piper Downs? None at all?
: I've never even heard of the place.
10Kan: She's Big Red! She's playing the game with their lives!
: Excuse me for saying so, but isn't that a little hard to believe? Ramona, Cody, Camille, Genevieve, Tyler...all members of the gang. Hayley and me are involved through Ramona. That's seven of the ten of us connected to Piper Downs. But you're not?
: Not knowingly, in any case.
: You don't have any idea why you're here.
: No.
: Quit stalling, Matt.
: Hmmm?
: Matt and I both got up in the night, giving us each an opportunity to kill both Jay and Buck. Now maybe Jay died of old age, and maybe he didn't. But Buck didn't get those holes in him from a cold. I already proved to Matt where I went last night. To the kitchen, to prepare Jay a birthday surprise. But Matt here still hasn't said what he was doing last night.
: Is that true, Matt? You left the room last night?
: Yes, it's true.
: I was investigating the other one of us that could have slipped down to the beach in the night. Ladies. Gentleman. We're about to find out who killed Buck.
: I have a device in my pocket. Here it is. This little gadget comes in handy in my line of work. You can peer through this eyehole here, but if I plug it into the TV, we can all see....
: There!
Randy: Nice.
10Kan: LOL He has a Dick Tracy wrist-tv.
NessaChan: nice TV
Nyperold: The killer is Pruneface!
: That's my room!
: Yes, it is. Excuse me. Be right back.
Randy: This is gonna be awesome
Revan: LOL
NessaChan: HAY GUYS I'M ON TV!
Maryam: LOL Nessa
10Kan: So he snuck into her room to set up this camera.
: You put a CAMERA in my room??
: I'm afraid so, Julie.
Maryam: (Is that the room she had before or after Camille was murdered?)
Sam: Maryam: After. The one she slept in the last night.
Sam: The picture, alas, is the same. I forgot about getting a fourth bedroom picture until it was too late, last session.
Maryam: Sam: Ohh, ok. That's what confused me.
: How DARE you! How did you even get in there? The door was locked!
: I picked the lock, I'm afraid. Trick of the trade.
Nyperold: He'd better be afraid. ;-)
: So you can pick locks. How very interesting. You can even lock them behind you when you're done. Did you...'spy'...on Camille, too, maybe?
: Julie, you said yourself that whoever killed her wouldn't have had time to leave by the door.
: This little device has 20 hours of recording time. I set it to record Julie in her sleep. We can fast forward through the footage very quickly, and if she ever got up in the night, we'll have our killer.
10Kan: Creeeeeepy.
: Don't you dare! I forbid it!
: *shocked* Matt! Julie wasn't even here for the first two murders, and she was with me for the third! Why are you invading this woman's privacy??
Nyperold: cuz sheez hawt
: Why are you defending her? We don't know who she is. Ok, so she couldn't have killed the first three. But somebody killed Buck, and somebody killed the helicopter pilot and the fat man, and in case you're losing count, there are only two people left on this island that aren't you, your sister, or me. Now if we can establish the guilt or innocence of one of them, I'd want to do that, wouldn't you?
NessaChan: wait, how did Matt know about the fat man?
TalkingDog: Hard to miss?
Sam: The helicopter blew up right as it was setting down on the beach.
: *fuming*
: Matt. Please don't.
whitehelm: Hayley's jealous
: Hayley. I have to.
NessaChan: Julie doesn't want people to know she sucks her thumb
Maryam: LOL
: *fume*
whitehelm: Isn't it amazing how she can sleep without moving an inch?
: When we get to the end of this, you're going to owe me the biggest apology of your life.
10Kan: This is when she starts sleep-talking or something.
TalkingDog: "Oh, whoops, that was slow motion, not fast forward."
: And that's the end. I give you that apology, Julie. But you should be thanking me. Once again, you have an alibi.
: Game over, Cody.
TalkingDog: eep
Revan: LOL!
asterismW: She could have gotten up BEFORE that...
Randy: Nice gun
iwpg: LOL
NessaChan: LOL
10Kan: Telekinetic gun-holding powers!
Maryam: LOL
10Kan: He must be a level 70 Private Detective!
Randy: 10K: LOL!
: Matt, STOP IT!
: He did it! It wasn't me, it wasn't one of you, and it wasn't Julie. There's no one else!
NessaChan: Matt needs to put that gun away
Crystal109: That's a scary looking firearm.
10Kan: So far Matt is the only guy who we know has a firearm.
Maryam: Buck probably had guns. Someone could have stolen one from him.
whitehelm: And guess what? Buck was shot
Nyperold: Buck... shot. Ba-dum-tsh.
: Matt, just put the gun down! Let's just stay calm and talk, ok?
: Yeah, Cody, let's talk. Let's talk about how you recognized Camille when none of the members of the gang were supposed to know each other!
: I wasn't supposed to -- I camped out to see who picked up the bag--
: Camped out? Why? Why would you do that? Why would you put the whole job at risk?
: I--
: I have a better story! You're Big Red. That's why you knew Camille. Big Red found everybody. Big Red hired everybody. Big Red knows who everybody is. You know who everybody is, don't you, Cody?
NessaChan: whaaaaaaa
: HEY! I am NOT Big Red--
: Let's talk about why you're here. You got a letter, huh? What'd the letter say? You get a blackmail letter, too?
: Matt, for heaven's sake, STOP IT!
: Hayley, aren't you curious what that letter said? I know. I searched his things and found it when he was out murderering Buck. 'Hi, Cody. My name is Mr. Spilk. I was a friend of your father's. I would like to meet you. Enclosed is a check to cover travel to Paradise Island.' And so on. That sound like a blackmail letter to you?
: What did that letter really mean, Cody?
: It's like I told you. Blackmail.
: Must be nice to have a blackmailer that covers your pay-off expenses.
: Ok, sport. Let's say it's blackmail. Let's pretend. What did the blackmailer want from you?
: I don't know.
asterismW: Matt's just mad cause Cody beat the crap out of him.
: What were you even being blackmailed for? There's nothing in there about Piper Downs at all.
: HUH? Speak UP, Cody, my trigger finger can't HEAR YOU. What were you being blackmailed for?
asterismW: What?
: What?
Crystal109: LE GASP.
: *agape*
Randy: WOAH
: ...
: You...killed your father??
iwpg: "No, Matt, I am my father!"
asterismW: iwpg: LOLOL
: He hurt me one too many times.
: So much for not being a killer, eh, Cody?
: I'm NOT a killer. You don't understand what that man did to me. He drove me to it. I wasn't myself when I killed him! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. He MADE me kill him!
: ...
: ...
: ...
: ...
10Kan: Okay, he's definitely fifteen.
: And that letter was a blackmail letter?
: Read it again. 'A friend of your father.' My father never had any friends. 'I would like to meet you.' It's not rocket science. The only thing I couldn't figure out was what the blackmailer wanted. Now I know. It had nothing to do with my father and everything to do with somebody -- Big Red, probably -- cleaning up loose ends on the Piper Downs job.
: You're good, Cody. You're good. But no matter how much denial you're in, you're still a killer, Cody. And we're searching for a killer on this island. It's not my girlfriend Hayley. I know her too well for that. It's not her sister Ramona. She's rebellious but not evil. It's not Julie. I just proved her innocence.
Crystal109: Don't you DARE make Cody the killer.
Randy: Someone's gonna get accidentally shot.
: So maybe it's you.
: No, Cody, it's not me. Hayley will vouch for me, and if that's not enough, you'll just have to take my word for it, because the guy...with the gun.
: Matt. Stop it.
: Stand up and turn around, Cody. Hands where I can see them.
: Don't do this! Put the gun down!
: Somebody tie him up.
: Didn't he? And how do you know this, Ramona?
: Because I did.
whitehelm: DUN DUN DUN
: *panicked* Ramona, no, don't say that--
: I have to, Hayley.
: No, you don't. *cries* Don't listen to her! She doesn't know what she's saying!
: Hayley. Ever since I can remember, you've been protecting me. You stared down bullies on the playground, daring them to touch me. You smoothed over every single one of Mom's barbed wisecracks. When I was older, you chased off bad boyfriends and loaned me money you knew I couldn't pay back. And now look at you. You're stranded on an island with a killer at large, because you wanted to pull me out of yet another jam.
Maryam: I bet Ramona's protecting Hayley this time.
Nyperold: Ramona could be protecting Cody, for all we know...
: I love you for it, Hayley. You're the best big sister a girl could ever have.
: But don't you think it's time I took some responsibility for my own screw-ups?
asterismW: Ramona: I do.
: *tears*
: Matt. Let Cody go.
: I'm the one that killed Buck. And if you give me a chance to explain...I'll tell you how and why.
: When Hayley and I went to bed, neither one of us could sleep....
10Kan: No good ever comes of a story that begins like this.

(blurry flashback transition)

Crystal109: LOL
Nyperold: (harp music)
* 10Kan makes jangly flashback music sounds.
* TalkingDog waves back and forth.
: That puts our cowboy friend back on the hook, doesn't it? So what if he wasn't here when Genevieve died? We know he lied about how she died.
: Unless he's as stupid as he acts.
: Oh, come on! The rest of them might be taken in by that act, but you...? He can't even keep his own story straight!
: All right, all right -- I'm with you.
: We'll watch him like a hawk. Sooner or later, he'll trip up.
: He's a killer, Hayley. We have to act!
: And do what?? Say we accuse him of conspiracy -- even if we persuade the others to let us lock him up, there's still somebody else out there working with him! Somebody who's killed at least once, maybe even all three times! We've got to let Buck think he's in the clear. It'll make him careless. Sooner or later, he'll make a mistake, and we'll get both of them.
: I suppose you're right.
Crystal109: Wait, soooo Buck didn't die?
Sam: This is a flashback.
Sam: We've heard all that dialogue before.


: Hayley?
: What?
: Still awake, huh?
: Yes. Still awake.
whitehelm: Probably cause Ramona keeps waking her up
: Hayley...I'm sorry.
: Sorry? For what?
: *sigh*
: This.
: *CONK!*
: Oof! *unconscious*
whitehelm: Klunk.
Randy: Nice
Maryam: LOL
10Kan: LOL
Randy: LOL!
asterismW: Hahaha
10Kan: Black stars. That's bad.
TalkingDog: She clocked her!
* Revan was waiting for that pun.
Maryam: So that's where Hayley got the bruise.
Crystal109: It's 7:15 am.

[No, it isn't. I messed up by not editing the clock image so that it would show a different time. -- Sam.]

NessaChan: Hayley looks cute with starred out eyes
: I got you into this, big sister. But I'm going to get you out of it.
: Now...time to find out if tying bedsheets together works in real life, or just the movies.
NessaChan: lol
: (ties bedsheets together)
: (ties one end to the bed)
: (opens the window)
: (tosses the chain of sheets out the window)
: (rummages in her bags)
: (pulls out a gun)
10Kan: Okay, two firearms, or possibly the same one from the present.
Crystal109: And that's a wicked looking gun. Cool.
10Kan: That's a Colt .45 ACP from a very severe angle.
: (climbs out the window)
: *snore*
: Rise and shine!
asterismW: So much for Buck booking it out of there...
10Kan: He took the quickest flight outta there, you might say.
: Wha--WHY YOU--
: Hold your horseys, Hopalong. It's just helpless little stupid me with a loaded gun at your head.
10Kan: It's big of her to admit that.
: *frown* Y'oughtn't point them things at people. Git you into trouble one day.
: Buck, I'm surprised at you -- I thought cowboys knew all about guns. Here's a hint. The trouble end of the gun ain't the one on my side.
: *glare* What do you want with me?
: The truth. What were you really doing when Camille died? And never mind the 'call o' nature' crap. I don't know what you were doing out there in the woods, but it didn't look like biology to me.
: You callin' me a liar?
: I'm calling you a bad liar. You can't even decide if you're in the woods or back at the pool when the shots were fired. Which was it?
: Oooh, how about Genevieve? Let's talk about how you lied about how she died.
: So what? You think I killed her? I weren't even here when she died!
: No, you didn't kill her. But you know who did. You're an accomplice. You knew there would be a call for help. You were standing by for it. You intercepted it, came to the rescue, and made up some nonsense about a real doctor coming later.
: *darkening*
: Bucky, we both know know there's no real doctor coming. Now are you going to talk, or do I get to use your fingers for target practice?
: *cracks a broad grin* Ahh-hawhawhawhawhawhaw! Well, looks like the spiked wonder has a brain after all!
: Ok, li'l missy! YEAH! I'm he'ping somebody out! Somebody who's gonna kill every last one of you riffraff!
: First, I make like I'm a doctor and make everybody think the first death is an accident to buy time. After three dead, though, ain't nobody gonna believe they's all accidents, so I he'p out other ways.
: Like killing Camille yourself?
: Aw, no, but I helped! I helped!
: Yeah. I'll bet you did. Now you're going to help me. We're going to march right back up to the hotel, get everybody out of bed, and you're going to tell them what you told me.
: Ahh-hawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawhaw! Ohhhhhh, that's a good one. Tell me, li'l missy, why would I do a thing like that?
: Easy. I'll shoot you if you don't.
: You ain't gonna shoot nobody. Fer one, you ain't got the guts. Fer two, if you shoot me, everybody'll think you been killin' everybody. They'll stick you like a pig faster'n you kin say dawgone.
Revan: Fry mah hide!
10Kan: "You ain't got the guts" makes a lousy epitaph, Buck.
: No, you ain't gonna shoot nobody. I'll tell you what'll happen instead, li'l missy. You gonna go back to yer comfy old bed and go back to sleep. Meanwhile, I'll go talk to my pardner, 'bout how you's so smart.
: You'll be next, see! Ain't no good lettin' a smartypants like you run around.
: You know what? I think I'm gonna ask my pardner if I kin kill you myself.
Maryam: Man, I wish LaZorra were here.
Randy: She would love it.
Maryam: Her reactions would be awesome.
: Let me get this straight, Bucko. You think I'm not going to pull this trigger because people might think I'm the murderer. But if I don't pull this trigger, you're going to personally see to it that I get killed?
: I told you you was a smart girl.
: And you're even dumber than I thought.
Revan: LOL
10Kan: Fire-ant-bitten to death!
Revan: His hat bleeds.
Crystal109: Quick, his hat is bleeding!
asterismW: No one heard that?
10Kan: asterism: It's a small island, but it's not that small.
asterismW: Matt heard the last gunshots from the beach...
10Kan: Hmm, you're right.
10Kan: *clue*
asterismW: I just thought she'd use a silencer.
Maryam: Maybe her gun has-- yeah.
10Kan: Nobody uses a silenced weapon for self-defense.
whitehelm: Plus, they're asleep and in the house
10Kan: I suppose everyone being in bed would make a difference.
iwpg: Maybe Buck's just further down the beach than Matt was.
Revan: She put a potato up against the barrel.
TalkingDog: She told the bullets "Shhh!" before she put them in.
: ...
: ...
: ...
: ...
10Kan: They're trying to escape while the rest are in flashback-land!
Revan: That's a popular gun model around the island.
Crystal109: They must work together!
Sam: It actually makes total sense that they *would* have guns, and that they'd be similar. Ramona, Hayley, and Matt all came to the island expecting to have to do some sleuthing, spying, and/or defense against Ramona's blackmailer. They came prepared.
10Kan: A handgun would be reasonable, but I see Ramona and Hayley as more of the 9mm type.
Sam: I disagree. I see Ramona and Hayley as preferring the kind of handguns easily found in outward pointing images on Google Image Search.
10Kan: Ah, of course.
: Told you I was no killer.
: ...
asterismW: YES YOU ARE.
10Kan: Except for that thing with your dad.
: There was no choice. You see that, don't you? He would have helped kill her and...and all of us!
: I think we all need to take some time out and cool down. We're all worked up, and we're hungry, too -- it's long past lunchtime by now.
: I suggest we all find some food in the kitchen and take a few hours to think about what's happened today.
: We'll all stick together. That way if the killer is still among us, he or she will not be able to act. Agreed?
: Yeah.
: Ok.
asterismW: Oh, NOW you think it's a good idea.
Randy: hehe
Crystal109: Heh.
Sam: I think if I were in that situation, I'd want to stay together during the day and be locked up alone at night.
Sam: But after Camille, it's hard to tell.
asterismW: Yeah, since being locked up works so well.
Sam: aster: You gotta sleep sometime.
Sam: I think Julie just felt differently when she'd be sleeping and not able to defend herself.

(That evening...)

: Ramona.
: Yeah?
asterismW: Whoa. Someone's angry.
: Where did you see Buck when Camille was shot?
: Out the corner of my window. Over in the woods to the east.
: Ah.
* asterismW just remembered all the characters speak in red.
Maryam: aster: You had to remember that?
Sam: aster: LOL LOL LOL. I was trying to figure out why you read anger into anything.
asterismW: I must be really, really tired.
: I'm going out there.
: Don't be silly, Cody. It's not safe.
: I'll be safe enough if the rest of you stay put in here.
: Julie's right. We should all stay here. There's still the chance somebody we don't know about is on this island.
: You weren't thinking about that when you pulled a gun on me just because you cleared Julie!
10Kan: Be a man, Cody! There's no reason to get all bent out of shape just because somebody threatened you with a firearm.
: Listen. Buck admitted he helped kill Camille. But Camille was in the bedroom on the west side. So how was he helping?
: Something's out there. In the woods. I'm going to find it.
Crystal109: CODY I LOVE YOU.
Maryam: LOL Crys!
: Cody, wait--!
Maryam: New woods shot!
asterismW: Ooh, pretty!
10Kan: That's a cool tree.
: Hmmmm....
Nyperold: He's dead. Maybe.
Crystal109: Sorry, I had to get that out there in case Cody DIES.
: Can you see him?
: Sort of...if you look through the window right here. He's just kind of wandering around back there.
10Kan: Or getting to minimum safe distance...
: What if he really is the killer? You think he's out there destroying evidence?
: *searching*
: me. Nothing but trees and ferns and stuff out here.
: Whoa. Crazy vines on that tree.
: ...
Crystal109: Climb it
Revan: >climb tree
10Kan: Be weird!
Maryam: LOL
iwpg: LOL
10Kan: It's the epileptic tree!
Revan: LOL
: *gasp*
: So THAT'S it.
Maryam: Ok, NOW he's gonna die.
asterismW: Oh, man, he's SO dead.
: *runs* I KNOW WHO DID IT.
: *runs* I KNOW WHO DID IT.
: He's coming back -- what's he shouting?
: I don't kn--
Revan: Uh oh, cut the power.
Randy: Lights out?
SirDude: That's never a good sign
Crystal109: Cody. =(
conty: murder in the dark?
asterismW: Shouldn't it be, like, noon?
Maryam: It was "that evening".
10Kan: asterism: It was a very wide-ranging power outage.
Crystal109: The SUN had a POWER OUTAGE.
TalkingDog: Someone forgot to enter the code!
10Kan: The killer got the sun!
Maryam: Heh.
asterismW: SPF .45 wouldn't take out the sun. It'd take more like 10^3483.
: The lights!
: Who turned the lights out?
10Kan: And then there were three.
10Kan: I mean four.
: *stumble*
: *fumble*
: Oof.
: *flick* What happened??
: I don't know -- what were those shots?
: *hyperventilating*
Nyperold: JULIE
: Look! The window's broken!
Nyperold: Oh.
: Cody! Something's happened to him! Come on!
Crystal109: CODY.
NessaChan: no cody!
: Not another one....
NessaChan: ahhhhh
NessaChan: ahhhhhgh
10Kan: Oh no! His suit is RUINED!
Maryam: LOL LOL 10K
asterismW: That was a good shot...
10Kan: *clue* our killer is a very good shot.
Maryam: It tore a chunk of his skull off!
Kysle: Nice big chunk out of his head, there.

End of Chapter 6

* Crystal109 breaks into inconsolable weeping.
* asterismW HUGS Crystal109!
Crystal109: Sam: Still!
Randy:'s not one of them?
Maryam: Randy: Sure, they shot out the window while the lights were off.
Randy: Maryam: Heh...kinda didn't realize that.
Nyperold: And who just happened to be able to turn the lights on...?
Crystal109: It looks like you had fun putting blood on him, though.
Crystal109: I still <3 Cody.
NessaChan: yeah, I still think Cody is a good guy anyway
Maryam: Nessa: Even though he's a thief?
Sam: It's not just that he killed his father. He's also an unrepetent and vindictive thief.
Crystal109: I bet it's going to turn out that SAM is the killer. XD
10Kan: Crystal: No way! I bet the killer will be a character from UBT #3 making a cameo appearance!
Crystal109: 10K: CamouFairy!
Crystal109: She's so innocent, you can't possibly suspect her!
asterismW: How are 4 people going to survive 3 more tourneys?
Sam: aster: Heh. THEY WON'T.
Crystal109: Ouch.
asterismW: But, once there's two...
Crystal109: Upgrade to Sam 2.0 Non-Evil please.
NessaChan: Nobody else can die, I don't believe any of these people are the killer
LaZorra has entered.