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The Mystery of Paradise Island

By Samuel Stoddard

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 5

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Zup: Sam: Where are you?
Sam has entered.
Sam: Whew.
LaZorra: Well, it's about time.
Sam: Hey, I only just finish the work I needed to do for tonight. Crazy.
Maryam: Sam talk like Jay.
Sam: Now you can all rev up for the games, while I can wind down.
LaZorra: Maryam: LOL!
Sam: Bot tournament hard work. Sometimes make late.
* LaZorra hates making late.

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 5

Zup: Dun dun dunnnnnn
: The flaming body of Mr. Small was propelled from the exploding helicopter like a spanghewn frog from hell. It plopped thunderously on the beach, spraying hot sand in all directions and forming a glass crater fully three feet deep that the lapping ocean waves quickly filled and cooled. The Mr. Small Ball skidded and rolled across the beach, knocking the seven observers about like bowling pins, smooshing and charring their frail little bodies. By the time Mr. Small's body rolled into the pool, which quickly extinguished it, the entire island was aflame. Every living thing on the island was burnt to a crisp by the time the inferno was noticed and rescuers could be dispatched.
Maryam: AAH
Zup: ewww
LaZorra: eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
LaZorra: Mr. Small Ball eeewwwww lol
iwpg: LOL
TalkingDog: LOL
Zup: LOL
Kalimeris: Hehehe
asterismW: SMALL BALL.
Goosey: GROSS
Zup: Wow, there's quite a few parallel universes for this story.
LaZorra: Well, that takes care of that.
TalkingDog: FIAR
Nyperold: That is one hot picture.
iwpg: LOL, Nyp.
whitehelm: THE END
Sam: I probably could have made it on time if I hadn't been photoshopping fire onto the fat man.
Goosey: LOL

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 5

: (The seven stranded souls recoil from the explosion. As the flames subside, so do their gasps of shock and cries of panic.)
: *steeling his resolve* We have to search the island. We have to make sure nobody is here but us. We have to make sure there's nobody else on this island before we start turning on each other.
Kysle: Who didn't gasp in shock? Thars your killer
Goosey: Kysle: just look for whoever has the bazooka sticking out of their pocket
: I agree.
: Let's stick together as we search. That way we'll be safe.
: Ok. We'll start here. All together, now.

: Well, we've searched everywhere. There's no one else on the island.
Zup: LOL
iwpg: LOL
Maryam: Small island.
LaZorra: hehehe
LaZorra: GROAN
Maryam: (In my defense, I only realized it after I said it.)
: Someone could still be hiding somewhere in the mansion.
: Should search. But doubt very much. I explore very much when arrive.
: I feel the same way. I doubt very much there is anyone else here. But we should search anyway. Let's go back. Lead the way.
DemanusFlint: I'll head this way with Velma and Daphne!
Goosey: Roh no! Raggy!


: There's got to be somewhere we've missed. There's GOT to be!
: It's no use, Matt. There's no one else here.
: Have searched without. Now must search within.
: He's right. If we're going to get to the bottom of this, there's only one way to do it. We all go upstairs and account for ourselves.
: *sigh* I suppose you're right. Ok, let's go.
whitehelm: I'm the murderer...everyone I've voted for has died.
Zup: wh: Really?
whitehelm: Well, I missed the first vote completely
* Zup has missed voting twice now.
whitehelm: but I did vote for Tyler and Camille
: Well...I guess I'll start. Look, we don't know when Genevieve or Tyler were killed. A lot was going on this morning. Any one of us could have killed them. But we know exactly when Camille was killed. We all heard the shots, or at least I think we all did. There are two questions. Who shot her? And how did the shooter get out of a room locked from the inside? What question should we discuss first?
: I think it's more important to find out who than how.
LaZorra: he shot through the window!
: I second that.
: Ok. Let's each account for our whereabouts at the time the shots were fired.
: Let's save some time and start with the hillbilly. Where were you, Doc Holliday?
: Me? Why, uh...I was settin' by the pool, waitin' for Miss Camille t'get back. You know that, Matt. We talked about it.
: *nod* We did. But I left you before the shooting. Did you remain there afterward?
* Zup votes Scarlett in the Conservatory with the Shotgun. Yahtzee!
: Yup, ah did.
: Excuse. Did not. I walk by pool before shots. Did not see Buck.
LaZorra: Oooh.
asterismW: Dun dun duuuun...
DemanusFlint: killa cowboyz
Maryam: He wasn't here for the first one though!
: *flustered* Now--now listen, I--
: Yes? What do you have to say to that, Buck?
: Well! A man's gotta visit the necessary sometimes, don't he? Call o' nature don't wait for no man.
DemanusFlint: "Visiting the necessary," what an awesome phrase.
: So you were by the pool except for a brief time when you went to the bathroom?
: Yep.
: Was that before or after the shooting?
: I reckon it was a mite before.
* LaZorra is cracking up at Buck's explanation.
: You're such a pathetic liar.
: Miss, you better not say--!
: Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's all calm down here. Ramona, what makes you think Buck is lying?
: I saw him. I was in my room alone, as you all know. Before the shooting, I happened to be looking out my window, and I saw Buck rummaging around in the trees.
: Really...?
asterismW: Trying to find the bathroom, no doubt.
Zup: Survey says...thou liest!
: Yes. What were you doing out there, hillbilly?
LaZorra: Well, DUH. Where do you EXPECT him to go to the bathroom?
: ...... Miss, I-- ....... Well what do you reckon I was doin'! Answerin' the call o' nature, jus' like I said!
: ...
: ...
: *laugh*
Zup: LOL
: What's so funny??
: You must be a hardcore cowboy, Buck. Indoor plumbing at a luxury resort on a tropical island, and you'd still rather go outside.
Goosey: lol
: Well...*shrug*...never did think it made no sense to pee in the house.
LaZorra: *snerk*
: *rolls eyes* I still say you're lying, cowboy.
: Now, lookee here! You want to question somebody, how about Cody? Yeah, you. It's on account o'you Camille took off. We was chattin', and you come over'n say she gotta come inside and talk to you.
: Is that true?
: Yes. We went up to my room and talked. But she was alive when she left me!
: Is true. Saw Camille come down and look for key. Went out, asked Buck for key.
: Oh yeah.
: Then she came back in, and I offered her my room.
: And she went back upstairs. Cody, did you see her again after she left you?
: No. I stayed in my room.
: How about you, Jay? What were you doing when you heard the shots?
: Had finished cleaning pool. Had gone inside. Started preparing food.
: Anyone see you?
: No.
: What about you, Julie? Where were you?
Zup: Dialogue heavy scenes tonight. I think Matt's going to win that emmy!
: I was catching up on paperwork here in this room, and I was getting quite tired of it. So shortly after offering Camille my key, I decided to take a walk around the island. I ran into Katie, and that's when we heard the shots.
: So you were together when you heard them?
: Yes. I was just coming back from the cliffs.
: That would seem to provide you both with an alibi. I'm afraid you're both terribly lucky. None of the rest of us seem to have one. I was walking along the beach. Alone. I came running when I heard the shots.
: You were all the way down at the beach?
: Mm-hmm.
: You were on the beach, and Buck was by the pool. I wonder, when the shots were fired, how you made it up the stairs before Buck did.
iwpg: Ooooh.
DemanusFlint: Oh wow!
Goosey: O.o
Zup: ...dun duuuuuuhhhhnnnn
asterismW: Buck had unfinished business.
LaZorra: aster: LOL
Nyperold: Uh oh.
Nyperold: So now she suspects her... boyfriend or whatever.
: What're you all lookin' at me like that for?? I dint do nuthin'! I told you, I was visitin' the necessary, jus' like I said!
: So you were in the woods when you heard the shots?
: Yeah! And...and, I mean, you just can't stop these things all of a sudden-like!
LaZorra: Poor Buck.
LaZorra: He's cracking me up.
: How'd you do it, outlaw? Huh?? How'd you kill her??
: Ramona, this won't get us anywhere.
: What? You don't mean to tell me you're FALLING for that crock of a story, do you??
* Zup agrees with Ramona.
: It's a shaky story, yeah, but so are a lot of our stories, and we'll never prove it this way.
: Oh yeah, you're probably right. Hey, I have an idea. Let's let him kill a few more of us, and maybe eventually we'll catch him in the act.
whitehelm: They need to all stay in the same room permanently...that would solve the problem
Maryam: And sleep in the same room while posting pairs of guards at a time.
: Ramona...he wasn't even on the island when Genevieve died.
: Yeah, well. *frown*
LaZorra: It's not his fault you have problems with country folk, punk girl.
: Maybe we'll have better luck if we figure out how Camille was killed in a locked room. If we can find out how it was done, maybe it'll narrow down who had the opportunity.
: Let's go.
* Zup assumes there's more than one killer on the isle.
Zup: That would help Sam out if we ended up killing his murderer.
whitehelm: Obviously everyone's a murderer, or Sam might get stuck with his story
whitehelm: Each time it's someone different
LaZorra: wh: Yes!
* LaZorra thinks EVERYONE LEFT ALIVE will end up being a killer.

: It's a puzzle, all right. I don't see any way to leave this room without leaving the door or windows unlocked. The ventilation grates are too narrow.
: Nothing seems promising out here, either.
Sam: LOL
iwpg: LOL
Zup: LOL
iwpg: Ooh, maybe there's a trapdoor!
Sam: iwpg: Hey, neat idea.
: I read a mystery story once about how to commit a locked room murder, with big old-fashioned door locks like these. Take a piece of string and wrap the middle of it around the business end of a key, then thread both ends of the string through the keyhole to the outside. Go out and close the door. Pull both ends of the string to lift the key into the lock, then pull just one end to tug the string free. A tiny pair of pliers will twist the key in the lock from the outside.
Goosey: ooooo
Maryam: Was there time to do all that before people came racing in?
Sam: Maryam: Nice thought.
: Clever. Is that how you did it?
: Don't be silly. Whoever killed Camille didn't leave by the door, or surely they'd have run into you and Cody on the way out. I'm just wondering if a trick like that could be pulled on these windows.
: But it doesn't look like it. Look at these window latches. There's a spring-loaded piece here that has to be held down while the clasp is fastened. A bit of string couldn't latch that, and even if it could, how would you thread it outside? These windows are tight.
: The window in the bathroom is the same way. But it's got to be by the windows, because you're right. The murderer couldn't have left by the door without running into Ramona and Cody, who were just down the hall when the shots were fired.
: Yes. Unless....
: Unless?
: Which one of you got to the door first?
: I...don't remember. It all happened so fast.
: ... It was you, Ramona. When I got out to the hall, you were already running down the hall. Running in the wrong direction, I might add!
DemanusFlint: Was she running backwards?
Sam: LOL
iwpg: LOL
: You little twerp! I didn't know at first where the shots were coming from -- I was looking in all the rooms to find what happened! And you didn't know either! We were both trying different doors till we got to the real one!
: This isn't getting us anywhere. Come on. Let's peel back these rugs. I don't suppose there's a trapdoor here, but we might as well check.
: Might as well. Come on, Buck. Help me move the bed.
Sam: iwpg: So, they heard your suggestion, I guess.
iwpg: :-.
iwpg: They're spying on us!
: The floors are solid. Anyone leaving by the door would only have a second or two to lock the door behind him. No way to lock the windows from the outside, and in any case it's a 20 foot drop to the ground.
Kysle: What about a trapdoor in the ceiling?
Kysle: Everyone always forgets to look up.
: Oh, that's a good idea...but, hmm, no. No trapdoors in the ceiling, either.
Kysle: Darn.
asterismW: LOL
iwpg: LOL
Randy: LOL!
Zup: LOL
Zup: Check the wall for clues! Make sure there's no revolving fireplaces!
asterismW: What about a secret staircase behind the bookcase?
asterismW: ...Or a revolving fireplace?
TalkingDog: Or a portal to an alternate dimension made of cheddar!
DemanusFlint: Search for Portals.
: Maybe it was a mechanical device. A gun hidden somewhere in the room ahead of time and rigged to go off when...well, perhaps when the shower was turned on.
Goosey: Then where did the gun go?
whitehelm: A gun made out of ICE
iwpg: LOL
asterismW: That fired three times?
Sam: You are all too quick for me.
: Hmmm. And when we all break in, the murderer removes the evidence while the rest of us are discovering the body. It's a thought.
Goosey: a gun hidden IN THE SHOWERHEAD
Zup: The gun is obviously still on whoever is the killer QUICK PAT THEM DOWN
Goosey: Aw, they could have tossed the evidence off the cliff when they all went exploring
Kysle: Zup: But Buck always carries a gun.
Zup: Well, check it for pete's sake!
Zup: Is it missing three rounds?
* Zup gets too far into the story.
: It's a good idea, but I don't think that was it, either.
: Why?
Goosey: If the house is old enough, could the killer have shot the bullets straight through the keyhole? Oh, no, but then how would the key jump back in . . . hmm
Kysle: Well the answer seems obvious to me, nobody's really died.
whitehelm: They shot through the floor?
whitehelm: They could figure out where the shower was
asterismW: Someone get out their CSI kit and swab for GSR!
Maryam: GSR?
Kysle: GSR?
SirDude: GSR?
asterismW: Gun shot residue.
Goosey: gun shot residue
: There were three shots, not one. That means whatever the mechanical device was, it would have to be sophisticated enough to cock the gun twice more after the first shot was tripped.
Maryam: Many guns don't need to be cocked after a shot.
Kysle: Cock the gun? Psh. Old fashioned.
Nyperold: Yeah, all you have to do is press A a few times.
* LaZorra has a gun that has to be cocked between rounds.
: And look at this shower curtain. Three holes in different places. If the gun was set somewhere and pointed to a fixed spot, the shots would have hit the same spot.
Kalimeris: She's a regular detective, isn't she.
whitehelm: OOOH OOOH, it was a ROBOT
: You're right. I don't see where the gun might have been hidden, either.
: Excuse. Is dinner time. Suggest we all think better on full stomach.
TalkingDog: Mmmmm. Full stomach.
* TalkingDog eats someone's stomach.
Sam: He's really Jay Jay Abrams, and there's a reason the characters are all...lost...on an island.
Maryam: Sam: Groan.
: Another great meal, Mrityunjay.
: Yeah, uh thanks Jay. Yeah, especially know, things, were really good.
Kysle: EWWW
LaZorra: Mmm, things.
Sam: Hey, at least Ramona's trying now.
Maryam: Sam: I was just about to compliment her on that.
Nyperold: She's actually trying new foods!
* Zup expects wizards to become a part of the storyline soon enough. And a vampire. There's not enough vampires.
: *nod* Also thanks to Cody. Helped with sauce. Cody know much cooking for 15 years.
Kalimeris: Oh no, not being 15 again
: You're 15 years old?
: Yeah. Well, nearly.
: That surprises me. You look very mature for your age. I'd have said you were closer to...19.
: ...
Kalimeris: Maybe he isn't REALLY 15.
whitehelm: Yes, he's really 12
asterismW: Isn't it Jay's birthday or something?
Sam: aster: Tomorrow.
Zup: Yeah, isn't Jay's B-Day today?
DemanusFlint: So wait, has Jay had his birthday?
DemanusFlint: it's been like a week sam
Kysle: Not on the island, DF
Sam: No. There's only been one night that's passed since the beginning of the story.
* whitehelm expects a HUGE PARTY
NessaChan: his tenth wife just had her tenth kid!
iwpg: LOL
whitehelm: Don't disappoint me Sam
Maryam: wh: Yes, and everyone must attend, including the corpses.
Kalimeris: The corpses, that is. How morbid. Nevermind.
asterismW: And when is Cody's birthday?
Sam: Cody's birthday was like a week from when he arrived. I can't remember if he was being precise when he said that or not.
asterismW: Ah.
whitehelm: I don't think they'll last a week
: Jay, maybe you'd better tell us what you know about this place and who owns it.
: Said before to Cody. Can say very little. Never met owner. Phone only.
: You only ever talked to him by phone?
: Yes.
: I wonder if it's the same guy that dragged me half way around the world.
: But how did he come to contact you? Forgive me, but, seems like you should be retired somewhere, not working as a bellhop...cook...whatever else you do here. How come you took this job?
: Cannot say.
: ...
: You can't say??
: Cannot say.
: Jay, under the circumstances, that's not an acceptable answer!
: Hey, leave him alone, all right??
: *sigh*
Zup: Why can't everyone JUST BE HONEST with one another?
Kysle: Zup: Because then the killer would be in deep doo-doo
: ... Mrityunjay, please try to understand. We don't want to invade anybody's privacy, but we have to assume all of us are in grave danger. We're all far away from home, you're a representative of our host, and we don't have any idea who you are.
: ...
: Come from Dhawalagiri, western Nepal. Worked in butcher shop. Lived over shop in apartment. Owner name Nidhish. Nidhish a greedy man. He pay me, then take all back for rent.
Kalimeris: Sounds like coal mining towns.
: One day I fall in love. Girl name Madhushri. Nidhish see Madhushri, want for self. One day, Nidhish attack Madhushri. Hurt her. I am angry...take the, uh...uh...what is word....
asterismW: Gun?
: Cleaver. Take the cleaver. Stop attack. Kill Nidhish, so hurt Madhushri no more.
TalkingDog: Eep.
: !
LaZorra: ! indeed.
: terrible.
: Sounds like the varmint had it comin'.
: What happened??
: Madhushri run away. Scared of me. I run away too. Not scared of police. Not scared of jail. Scared of way Madhushri see me. Scared that she scared of me.
asterismW: Aww...
Goosey: poor jay!
Kalimeris: Aw.
asterismW: I feel sorry for him.
LaZorra: So it's like two people bumping into each other in a haunted house.
LaZorra: "AAAAAAHH!!"
* LaZorra is sorry. She is too cynical.
TalkingDog: Then he fed the guy to a giant plant named Madhushri II?
Randy: TD: LOL!
: Did not mean to kill. But...hurting her. Did not think. Acted.
: Save Madhushri life. But she not see it that way.
: That must have been dreadful for you.
: Suppose so. Do not think of it much now.
: Anyway. I run. Run to India. Never stop running for 30 years. India. Turkey. England. When come to California, stop running. Too tired.
LaZorra: Thirty years of running will do that to you.
: I'm sorry...sorry to have asked. What a sad story.
: *shrug* Happy ending. Married Chinese woman. Have two sons, one daughter. Eight grandchildren. First year old.
: Aw, but that's wonderful, Mrityunjay!
: Yes.... Wonderful.... *tear* Excuse.
: What's the matter?
whitehelm: His wife's dead...
: Excuse. *leaves*
LaZorra: Awwwww.
Goosey: I bet his whole family died
Kalimeris: Duh he's like, 99 or something.
Zup: Who would have voted to kill him off? Cuz I vote for them to be killed next!
* Zup expects these characters to find out that they're being voted on to be killed and then to rampage across RinkChat in murderous protest.
whitehelm: Maybe his great-granddaughter is...wait for this....ON THE ISLAND
: Apology. All right now.
asterismW: Phew.
: *squeezes Jay's hand*
LaZorra: TD: LOL
Goosey: LOL I read that *squeezes Jay's head*
TalkingDog: LOL
whitehelm: LOL
asterismW: LOL
: The sun is setting. We're going to have to decide how we're going to get through the night. It could be a long time before any help arrives, and we're going to have to sleep sometime.
: Aw, tain't no trouble there! I reckon we just take turns a-lookin' out. I ain't tired. I kin take the ferst watch.
: Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Be a lot easier to kill us if we all just lay down and go to sleep!
: Young lady, I tole you--!
Kalimeris: They could have 3 people stay awake at a time.
: Buck, come on. She's right, you know. Even if you're not the murderer, we can't trust any one person to keep watch. We'll need at least three. I suggest we all camp out in the living room. Three of us keep watch in shifts. Then we all get sleep, but the murderer, whoever he or she is, won't be able to act. How about it? All agreed?
Sam: Kali: NICE.
Kalimeris: hehe
LaZorra: LOL
: I guess that seems fair.
: Makes sense to me.
: Count me out.
: Why?
Zup: I still think there's more than one killer.
: Have you considered that there might be more than one murderer? Two people working together?
Sam: LaZ: NICE.
Sam: You guys are on the ball tonight.
Zup: Sam: You've trained us well!
* LaZorra high-fives Kalimeris.
* Kalimeris high-fives LaZ
Nyperold: There's never more than one in these kinds of stories!
: ...
: Katie and Ramona are friends, right? What if it's them? Or what if two of us know each other and are pretending not to?
: ...
: ...
: If you set three people on a watch, two of the three could overpower the other and kill the rest of us in our sleep. No thanks. I'm not going to feel comfortable with any of you watching. I'm going to pick out an empty room upstairs -- not my old room, that's for sure -- and sleep alone.
whitehelm: 5 people to a shift then
: Julie, it won't be safe. We already know somebody can get in and out of locked rooms around here....
: Out, yes. But who's to say Camille locked the door behind her when she took that shower? I'll sleep in a different room, just in case there's something special about that one, but I won't have any of you anywhere near me tonight.
: All right. I can't force you.
Goosey: If they pair up, and somebody dies, everyone is responsible for their "buddy"
: What do you think, Ramona?
: I feel the same way. I trust you, and that's it.
: Me too. Ramona and I will sleep in our own room.
iwpg: LOL
Zup: That's right! If you show the killer a good time, they'll become good!
* LaZorra makes the coffee.
: *sigh* Fine. If that's what you think is best. What about the rest of you?
Kalimeris: That doesn't leave very many.
: I aim to sleep outdoors. On the beach, mebbe. If somebody comes, I kin high tail it outta there. Walls make me nervous.
: *frown* Look, not only does being alone tonight make you a possible victim, but it also makes you a suspect if anything goes wrong! We stick together, and we give ourselves not only security but alibis!
: Well, sir, that may be so, I reckon. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
: *snort*
LaZorra: I *knew* he was going to say that at some point.
asterismW: Outdoors, in the bushes.
LaZorra: Just make sure it's a different bush than they one he used earlier.
Zup: Yes'm, cowboy's are a mite lonely from time t' time.
: Fine. Cody?
: I trust Jay. ... And...I think I trust you. How about the three of us keep an eye on each other? My room's big enough.
: Fine. Whatever.
: (asleep)
TalkingDog: *phew* Not Xs. Just Zs.
LaZorra: LOL
Maryam: Rats, TD stole my joke.
TalkingDog: Or are they Ns?
iwpg: LOL
* Zup is waiting for the "y"s of the eyes.
DemanusFlint: Are those huge censored bars?
Goosey: DF: yes, they're all sleeping in the nude
Sam: It's the bedroom, in the dark.
DemanusFlint: Sam: ohhhhhhhh
Sam: You can make the room out if you enlarge the image and have a light enough monitor. I probably made it too dark.
: So how'd you know I was 19?
: I didn't. But I knew you weren't 15. Come on, look at yourself. 15?
: Heh. Yeah, well, most people will believe anything.
NessaChan: HA
Kalimeris: HAH
asterismW: I DIDN'T.
Randy: oooh
Kalimeris: I CALLED THAT TOOO. I bet loads of other people did.
asterismW: Of course, I don't believe 19 either.
Goosey: 17 tops
* NessaChan is smart
Sam: Man, where's Crystal? I want to see her reaction to her being allowed to swoon over Cody again.
Goosey: lol
NessaChan: lol
: So how come you tell people you're 15?
: Same reason Camille told people she's stupid. Sometimes it pays to have people underestimate you. 19, you're an adult. People notice you. 14 going on 15, you're a kid. Nobody notices. People don't think they gotta watch their backs around you.
: And do I have to watch my back around you?
: Only if you're rich, and I got somewhere to run. You don't look rich, and I don't have anywhere to run. I'm no killer, Matt. I'm just trying to live through this, just like you are.
Sam: ...and there I go again, ruining Cody for Crystal once more.
: Zzzzzzz...
: I wish I'd have been up front with the old man, though. I went through my whole usual routine. I don't even know why -- he didn't look like a threat to me. Force of habit, I guess.
asterismW: Nice clarification on Jay!
whitehelm: Oh wait
DemanusFlint: Jay-Z
LaZorra: DF: GROAN.
Zup: Even Cody isn't what he seems...
Kalimeris: No, he's moody and mysterious.
Zup: Is there anyone honest on this island?
Sam: Zup: the way things are going, seemingly not!
Zup: It's true. I'm just so gullible.
Goosey: so far the game-ologist still seems genuine
Goosey: so far
Zup: I like her the most, myself.
TalkingDog: So does Jay go "Nnnnnnn..." when he sleepwalks?
Maryam: TD: Hehehe.
iwpg: Is it just me, or does Cody have a more... cunning expression on his face than before?
: I even told him the part where I'm all shy around girls and stuff. As if. You know what he does?
: What?
: He says the nicest things anybody's ever said to me. Knew just what to say and how to say it. Actually cared, you know, even though he'd just met me. Wish he'd been my father.
Crystal109 has entered.
Crystal109: Hi guys!
asterismW: CRYSTAL CODY IS 19!!!
Sam: CODY IS 19!!!!!
Crystal109: YAY!
Crystal109: Kali: YES WE CAN.
asterismW: *I* can't though...
Sam: Crys: Cody is also a professional THIEF.
Crystal109: Maryam, Sam: You SUCK. =)
LaZorra: Hey, there's nothing wrong with professional thieves.
LaZorra: Pierce Brosnan played a very dashing one for five years. ;-)
LaZorra: And Robert Wagner in the Pink Panther.
Crystal109: LaZ: You're my hero.
: asleep?
: You can't sleep either, huh?
: I was just thinking about that helicopter. I suppose any one of us could have planted a bomb on it on the way over, then detonated it when it got close. How about you -- what's on your mind?
Nyperold: "Two big spikes."
Sam: Can anybody make out the details of the rooms, or did I shade those images just too dark?
iwpg: I can.
TalkingDog: I can kinda see if I zoom.
whitehelm: They look like black squares
TalkingDog: Otherwise, just about black.
Maryam: I can if I enlarge it.
Sam: Well, that's good, I guess. I still should have made them brighter.
Zup: I can't make out anything in the pictures.
Randy: I can see the room.
: I was thinking about what Julie said. Maybe it's not one killer. Maybe it's two people working together.
: I suppose it could be.
: That puts our cowboy friend back on the hook, doesn't it? So what if he wasn't here when Genevieve died? We know he lied about how she died.
: Unless he's as stupid as he acts.
: Oh, come on! The rest of them might be taken in by that act, but you...? He can't even keep his own story straight!
: All right, all right -- I'm with you.
: We'll watch him like a hawk. Sooner or later, he'll trip up.
: He's a killer, Hayley. We have to act!
: And do what?? Say we accuse him of conspiracy -- even if we persuade the others to let us lock him up, there's still somebody else out there working with him! Somebody who's killed at least once, maybe even all three times! We've got to let Buck think he's in the clear. It'll make him careless. Sooner or later, he'll make a mistake, and we'll get both of them.
: Yeah, I guess you're right. Ok, Hayley. We'll do it your way.
: (asleep)
: (asleep)
: (sneaks to the door)
Randy: oooh
: (slowly opens it)
NessaChan: NOOoo
NessaChan: Not Mattyface
: *tiptoe*tiptoe*tiptoe*
: *picks a lock* *looks around* *pickpickpick* *click!*
: *opens door quietly*
: (asleep)
LaZorra: !!!
NessaChan: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!
asterismW: Dude, the *click* totally gave you away.
Zup: She bites her fingernails when she sleeps, awwww.
Sam: Zup: LOL
Maryam: I only just realized they have the Zs across their eyes because they'd be open otherwise.
LaZorra: LOL LOL
Sam: Maryam is smart.
Sam: Yes, I had to fend off the otherwise inevitable "SHE'S NOT ASLEEP! HER EYES ARE OPEN!" jokes.
* LaZorra s Maryam.
: Hayley?
: What?
: Still awake, huh?
: Yes. Still awake.
: Hayley...I'm sorry.

(later that evening...)

: (asleep)
: (asleep)
whitehelm: DEAD
whitehelm: OH MAYBE NOT
Randy: Wait, he went back to the room and went back to sleep?
NessaChan: No, maybe he just went through her luggage or something
whitehelm: DEAD DEAD DEAD
LaZorra: The pack is baying for blood.
TalkingDog: It woulda been funny if the sleeping Jay pic was upside-down. BatJay or something.
: (sneaks to the door)
: (slowly opens it)
Kalimeris: Oh no.
NessaChan: woot
whitehelm: DEAD
LaZorra: Dude, they're all like taking turns to peek at her or something.
Kalimeris: Because she's HOTT. With two t's.
* LaZorra smacks herself.
* Zup smacks LaZorra.
Maryam: LOL LZ
LaZorra: Zup: Thank you. I needed that.
Zup: I'm here to help!
Sam: I couldn't really blame them very much.
Zup: LOL
* LaZorra smacks Sam.
* Zup smacks his lips.
* whitehelm smacks Zup's lips
Sam: I mean, it's wrong! It is very very wrong! ...but understandable.
* LaZorra obviously didn't smack Sam quite hard enough.
* SirDude smacks Sam with LaZorra
* LaZorra smacks SirDude with a sack of wet mice.
* Zup smacks SMA with a ROSEBUSH!
Sam: Zup: Pfff. Compared to getting shot with one out of a rose bush cannon, that scarcely hurts at all.
: *tiptoe*tiptoe*tiptoe*
: *tiptoe*tiptoe*tiptoe*
: *tiptoe*tiptoe*tiptoe*
: *tiptoe*tiptoe*tiptoe*
Zup: *toptie*toptie*toptie*
asterismW: Man, these guys have great night vision.
* Goosey changes "tip" to "heel" in her mind, and sees Cody dancing
iwpg: LOL
whitehelm: I can't see where he's tiptoeing
Sam: He made his way to the breakfast room.
whitehelm: Nice, he's just sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack
NessaChan: I could use a midnight snack.
* LaZorra wants a COOKIE.
: (asleep)
: (asleep)
: (asleep)
: Aaaahh! *convulse*
: Wh--wha...?
: *groggy*
: *shudder*
: Jay...? Jay! Jay, what's wrong?? Why are you shaking???
whitehelm: Noooo
: *gasp*
: MATT! Help him!
: I...I don't know what to--
NessaChan: no.
: *pant*
NessaChan: NO.
: It's ok, Jay, it's ok, come on, Jay, come on, you'll be all right, you have to be all right....
Zup: What? We can't have voted for him to die! We love him!
Goosey: the vote was for who got murdered -- Jay could be dying of old age
: *flips on the light* What's the matter?
: What's going on?
: What's wrong?
Zup: Ah, the Hottie's safe. Yay!
: Jay, say something, say something!
Goosey: NOOOOO
asterismW: NO JAY NOOOOO
: Co...dy...?
: I'm here, Mrityunjay. I'm right here!
: It is my last....
: What? Noooo! You can't die, you can't die! No, you can't die, come on, come on--
Maryam: Nooo, his birthday's tomorrow!
Zup: Sad news.
: Shhhhhhhhhh....
: Is the way...of things...for old die....
NessaChan: NO JAY
: But you can't! You'll be 100 in an hour! You have to live!
: Told before.... Number of years...not important.... How you use them....
: But you can't die! *tears* You just can't -- not yet...I only just got to know you, and you're so nice to me, nicer than anybody...ever...was......come on, Jay, FIGHT! FIGHT! You can live! I won't take no for an answer! FIGHT!
asterismW: FIGHT!
: Shhhhhh, Cody....
Kalimeris: Oh no.
Randy: Wow
Zup: He's got to be faking. I don't accept this turn of events.
: ok...?
: Sure, Mr. Darji, sure. She'll grow up to be just like you, I know it.
: *smile*
: I said...would tell you... Mrityunjay...mean... someday....
: *tears*
: It who...defeat.........death....
: is...a silly name...isn't it...? *smile*
: *tears*
: Jay! Jay!
Maryam: Nooooooooo.
NessaChan: NO
* whitehelm objects strongly to this
asterismW: *cries*
NessaChan: AhhhHHGh.
* Zup doesn't see the reasons behind this!
* NessaChan is sad kitten
Maryam: :-(
LaZorra: :-(
Zup: :'(
Goosey: wow
[Randy->Sam] Woah, never thought THAT would really happen.
asterismW: Saaaammm!!
LaZorra: I demand to know the filthy rascal who is responsible for this turn of events.
Sam: I'm sorry.
Kalimeris: But. But. But.
* whitehelm calls for a strike
Zup: I think Sam knew we wouldn't kill the old man off ourselves...
Maryam: I think that may not be the only death tonight, as weren't we voting on who the killer offs? And Jay just died of old age.
Kalimeris: Unless he DIDN'T just die of old age. Or something.
LaZorra: Man, it had better not be Buck if there is a second death. I can't take that much sadness in one night.
Sam: On that somber note, we move on to StackBot.
Crystal109: THAT WASN'T FAIR.
* Crystal109 just came back to see the saddest death ever.

(Morning dawns.)

DemanusFlint: Is that in the story, or real life?
Sam: DF: LOL
: We should probably let Cody stay alone in his room for a while. He's pretty broken up.
: Yeah.
: Somebody should find Buck and tell him.
: Yeah.
Kysle: Buck already knows.
Kysle: He poisoned him!
whitehelm: He's dead.
LaZorra: Dude, you'd better not kill my cowboy too.
: I'll go.
: I'll go with you.
: How did he die?
: *shrug* Old age?
: *nod*
DemanusFlint: *shrug*
DemanusFlint: yeah right
: Buck?
LaZorra: I'm warning you.
: *gasp* Matt...look!
LaZorra: AUGH
Maryam: GASP!
Sam: I'm sorry, LaZorra....
Zup: Xs!
Kalimeris: Aww, LaZ.
whitehelm: I voted for him, so he's dead. Sorry LaZorra.
* Sam HUGS LaZorra!
NessaChan: Oh noes, poor horsey doctor

End of Chapter 5

Maryam: Buck kind of looks like he's standing up now that he's sideways.
iwpg: Maryam: LOL
Zup: Well, one of my votes paid off.
DemanusFlint: Eric your vote worked!
DemanusFlint: Not that we colluded!
Eric: :-D
asterismW: Only one X! He's only half dead!
Kalimeris: asterism = awesome
Sam: aster: There's a big difference between half dead and all dead.
asterismW: Half dead is half alive!
whitehelm: Seriously, everyone I vote for dies.
Zup: LaZorra's an emotional wreck.
whitehelm: Wait a minute...actually I think I voted for Ramona, so never mind.
Crystal109: WHAT? NO Buck died.
* Crystal109 just came back again. Heh.
Sam: LOL
Maryam: LOL Crys.