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The Mystery of Paradise Island

By Samuel Stoddard

Danger On Paradise Island: Chapter 2

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Danger In Paradise Island: Chapter 2

Zup: YAY
asterismW: WooHoo!
Randy: YAY Chapter 2!
: I don't like this, Ramona. We'll never get away with this.
Zup: Oooh, subterfuge!
: I keep telling you -- everything is going to be fine. Will you quit your worrying? What can go wrong?
asterismW: EVERYTHING.
: A lot can go wrong, and you know it.
* TalkingDog munches popcorn.
10Kan: They're up to somethin'!
: But Hayley, we've been through this before. We've thought it through a hundred times, you and me both.
Kalimeris: The two most unlikely people are working together.
: I know, but I still have a bad feeling about it. We've made a lot of assumptions about who these people are, and what they're capable of. What if we're wrong?
: Then we walk away.
: Walk away? We're going to an island!
: An island resort! You act like we're gonna be stranded out in the wilderness. Listen, I'm the one taking the risks here. Nobody knows you!
10Kan: I know her. from my DREAMS.
Zup: They'll know ALL of her once they see her though.
: Keep your voice down! Do you want the pilot to hear?
* LaZorra wants to say that "Ramona" is a great name for Scary Hair Girl.
: Hayley--
: And don't call me Hayley, either. See, this is what I mean -- one slip up like that could be very, very bad. Until this is all over, my name is Katie. Now look, promise me you're taking this seriously.
Kysle: Haytie, eh?
: Of course I promise.
: You know, I might be your baby sister, but it's a long time since I wore diapers.
asterismW: They're SISTERS?
: Yeah, well...*smile* still need looking after.
: Heh -- listen to you! I can take care of myself.
: If you could take care of yourself, we wouldn't be here in the first--
: We're here, ladies! Is that the most gorgeous strip of beach you've ever seen, or what?
10Kan: It will be when HAYLEY is on it.
: Wow...*looks around*...yeah, it sure is beautiful....
: *looks around* ...and very.........empty.
: *splash*
: HEY!
: Hahahaha -- come on, race you to that tree!
DemanusFlint: I'm getting way too hot of a vibe from these two.
DemanusFlint: So far we have a sexy little boy and a sexy set of sisters, this is intense.
: HA!
: Hey, hey, no fair! *giggle* You're gonna mess up my hair!
: *giggl---STARTLED* Who are you??
10Kan: Your sister, you silly!
asterismW: Jay!
10Kan: Or the killer!
: *bows* Welcome to Paradise Island. Am supposed to welcome guests.
: ...Hello. Uh. *bows*
: Hahahahahaha...hahahahahah...oh, this is GREAT! I love it! All they can get for bellhops around here are creepy old guys!
: Ramona--!
: What are you, a hundred? Hahahaha.
: Not hundred yet.
10Kan: Disrespecting your elders is the leading cause of death on paradise islands!
Sam: 10K: LOL LOL
: Well hey, Mr. Miyagi, our bags are back their in the sand. And don't bash them all around! I got delicate fabrics in there.
: Ramona--
: This the way to the hotel? I need me a pina colada.
: I'm awfully sorry, sir. Here, let me help carry those.
: Need not be sorry. Was polite.
: I'm Katie. My si--uh, friend is Ramona. What's your name?
10Kan: Real smooth there, 'Katie'!
: Best to call me Jay.
: How come nobody's out on the beach?
: Katie and Ramona only second and third to arrive.
: Katie, can you believe this? A conservatory! It's like we're in some English drawing room comedy.
: Or maybe it's one of those old-fashioned murder mysteries! WhhooooooOOOOOO, spooky!
Nyperold: Careful with that wall there. It's the fourth one. ;)
: Wow, look at this furniture! NICE!
: Will show to room.
: Oh, what's the hurry, pops? I still want that drink.
Randy: Jay needs to go ancient asian man on her butt
: Ramona, will you stop--
: Hey, who're you? Come out from behind there!
: is...
asterismW: CODY!
Kalimeris: Cody!
Randy: uh. oh.
Maryam: I wonder how old Ramona and Hayley are.
: My, uh...
: Name is Cody Baxter. Came to meet you but was shy when saw you were girls. Hid in bushes.
asterismW: LOL LOL
: JAY! *blush*
Maryam: LOL
TalkingDog: LOL
NessaChan: xD
LaZorra: hehehe
10Kan: He ruins more suits that way.
Kalimeris: Jay is awesome.
Kalimeris: + 2 awesome points
: What'd you tell them THAT for?
: Talking to girls easier when someone else does for you.
LaZorra: Jay is very wise.
: Nice to meet you, Cody. I'm Katie. This is Ramona.
: Yeah...yeah, real nice to meet you. Heh. Well don't you look all handsome and grown up.
: *b-b-blush*
: Hahaha.... Come on, Katie. Let's find the kitchen. Then I want to explore this island!
iwpg: How exactly does one stutter a blush?
SirDude: iwpg : He's THAT nervous.
: Hello? Hello-o-o-o? Trying to find the kitchen here! Can I get me some SERVICE or what?
: Hello-o-o-o?
: Ramona, we're the only people here. Us, Jay, and Cody.
* Zup thinks Sam is showing off the house through this chapter somehow.
: You're kidding.
Zup: Which is a really nice (stolen from the internet) house.
: I don't like this. This isn't what we were expecting at all.
NessaChan: Mr. Boddy's body, it's gone!
: Chill. Relax. You worry too much. Right now our biggest problem is finding the kitchen. All those hours of breathing salty air has me parched. Let's just find a drink first, and then we can talk.
: Wow.
NessaChan: They do kinda have similar noses now that I look at it
: Something on Cody's mind?
* TalkingDog works on Jay's birthday cake... *grin*
: What? Oh. Well, I just thought it was funny. We were just talking about girls, and...well...she's beautiful.
10Kan: Which one, Cody?
asterismW: I hope he's talking about 'Katie'.
Kalimeris: I don't think he's talking about 'Katie'
: Yes, very beautiful. Maybe you thinking practice conquering nerves?
Nyperold: Well, if she let her hair down, sure.
Nyperold: And maybe stuck to flesh tones for makeup.
: Ahhh, that's better.
10Kan: Ramona is always ready to just relax and let her hair down.
10Kan: Figuratively speaking, of course.
SirDude: 10Kan : Sounds a bit like me.
iwpg: SirDude is Ramona? =-o
SirDude: No... XP
Maryam: XP is Ramona?
iwpg: The "Dude" is a red herring? (And the "Sir", come to think of it.)
TalkingDog: SirDude is actually... MadamBabe!
: Heh heh. Ramona, as much as I worry about you, I envy you, too. Nothing ever worries you, does it? Ever?
Kalimeris: Duh, her hair altitude worries her
Zup: LOL
: You know me. Take life as it comes. Stick around and wait for that opportunity, and snatch it up when it does.
: I'm gonna go explore the island a bit. Wanna come?
: *smile* Nah, you go on. I think I'll try to get some rest by the pool or something.
whitehelm: He's actually the murderer
whitehelm: I figured it all out
: Yo, Miyagi and the Karate Kid. Going for a walk. Later.
Nyperold: So you've had your piņa colada, and you're trying to get caught in the rain.
: Cody -- it look like now is your chance. She alone.
NessaChan: Jay is such a nice old dude
: Yeah, but I couldn't...
whitehelm: Cody's probably too young for them anyway
: Well why not? I'm going to go talk to her right now!
Nyperold: "Ramona! Ramona!"
: *races outside*
: W--wait! Katie still inside!
Maryam: Hehehehe.
Randy: Oh my.
asterismW: NICE.
NessaChan: nooo
10Kan: It's like a Midsummer Night's Dream, with MURDER!
Kalimeris: Ugh, Cody.
10Kan: He didn't know who went where.
Zup: The drama is tangible!
LaZorra: You know, that's the problem with men. Every time you think you've found a good one, he goes for weird women.
NessaChan: Cody has bad taste
Kalimeris: I knew he wasn't that hott.
asterismW: Naw. He's hawt, he just doesn't have any sense.
Nyperold: Well, she is the younger sister.
Nyperold: The older one's gotta be 18 or 19. Way too old.
asterismW: But what do you expect from a 15 year old?
whitehelm: 13
Randy: 14
whitehelm: 11
whitehelm: He's lying about his age
Kalimeris: Totally. 17.
Zup: I'm sure he's genetically engineered, so he's actually only four years old.
NessaChan: I still think he's like 23.
SirDude: An age differential doesn't mean jack when it comes to love
Maryam: Oh yes it does.
Randy: It totally does.
10Kan: Tell it to the judge, SirDude.
Zup: LOL
LaZorra: NC: That was my reaction, too.
Zup: Age matters more than a person'd think,
SirDude: Not as much as you're making it out to be
asterismW: My grandparents were 30 years apart.
Kalimeris: My aunt and uncle are 20 years
Maryam: In the teens, a few years can be far too vast of a gulf.
Kalimeris: It's true. Teenage years are more a gulf than non-teenage
Maryam: People change much too quickly as teenagers.
NessaChan: and don't know who they are yet
Zup: 15 - 18 is a huge difference. I know, I've been the 18. However, 26 to 23 isn't nearly as much.
DemanusFlint: Half your age plus seven, right?
DemanusFlint: (as a lower bound)
Randy: DF: heh, I like that formula.
DemanusFlint: So someone who's twenty can date some who's between 17 and 26.
Zup: I'm 19 and I wouldn't date a 17 year old.
: Enjoy the flight. We'll have all four of you on the island in just a few hours.
: You all know each other?
NessaChan: his neck is gonna get stiff looking over his shoulder like that
: Nope! Just met while we were waiting for you!
NessaChan: yay trench coat boy
Maryam: Trench guy!
LaZorra: This is reminding me of a Wild Wild West episode.
10Kan: All the guys except for apple-man are way overdressed for this climate.
: *giggle* ww-wwwhoa! This helicopter ride isn't as smooth as I was expecting!
: No sea legs, huh?
: So, HI! Boy, this sure is exciting, huh? Almost as exciting as clean teeth!
: Yeah, real exciting.
asterismW: LOL
Maryam: Apple guy must be a dental student.
: I'm Camille. *giggle* So, uh...what are you, some kind of a gangster? Maybe you're a super spy?
: Nah, I just like trenchcoats. I'm Matthew.
NessaChan: awee Matthew... he's dressed kinda warm for a beach
asterismW: Nessa: Well, so is Cody.
NessaChan: Asterism: This is true
LaZorra: The opinion editor at my school paper is named Matt and wears trenchcoats a lot. Hee!
: But call me Matt.
: Hmmm, and how about you? Wait, don't tell me. You're a dentist?
: Oh, golly, no! But wouldn't I like to be!
10Kan: LOL
Kalimeris: By golly gee whiz
Maryam: Hehehe.
: My name's Tyler! Tyler Wyler!
: Tyler Wyler? *rolls eyes* You've got to be kidding me.
LaZorra: LOL
asterismW: Tyler WYLER?
NessaChan: lol
Zup: That's gotta be a stage name.
10Kan: Sam, you truly have a gift with names.
Sam: 10K: Believe it or not, "Tyler Wyler" came to me as I was already typing out the sentence.
Zup: and he is thus named FOREVERMORE
Sam: I had "Tyler" already, but not a last name.
asterismW: His parents must hate him.
10Kan: Wouldn't you?
: How about you? What's YOUR name?
Maryam: Ok, I'm voting for apple guy to die next.
DemanusFlint: NO COLLUSION
Maryam: DF: Hey, I might change my mind.
: *rolls eyes*
: Genevieve.
Nyperold: Genevieve, Genevieve, bo-Benevieve, banana-fana fo-Fenevieve, me-my-mo-Menevieve! Genevieve!
: Nice to meet you, Genevieve. What brings you out here?
: *stare*
: Oh, never mind her! *giggle* W-whoa...! Hey, can't you keep this thing level?
: Sorry, miss!
: Anyway...Matt...what about YOU? What are you all about?
10Kan: He's selling these fine leather trenchcoats.
: Me? Oh, I sell insurance.
Maryam: Boooo, he's an insurance salesman?
10Kan: A LIFE insurance salesman, and the rates on Paradise Island are about to go UP!
SirDude: Aren't insurance salesmen usually evil?
TalkingDog: He says he's an insurance salesman.
asterismW: Maryam: That's just a ruse. He's really a plainclothes detective.
NessaChan: he probably works at a host club!
: Really? *grin* Oh, but now that just sounds so fascinating!
Zup: Watch out Camille, you might fall out of the helicopter!
: *snerk*
DemanusFlint: Is that a trench or a peacoat?
: It does!
: No it doesn't.
: Oh yes it does -- I've always been interested in insurance, ever since I was a little girl. Oh, but you must be so strong and smart to have a job like that...ah-huhuhuhuh *flutter*
Maryam: Maybe I'm voting for bikini girl.
Maryam: Oh right. They have names now.
: I'm afraid I have to agree with Genevieve! Insurance is ok, but what about dental hygiene, huh! Golly. You know, my daddy always told me if you can clean your teeth, you can clean the world, and I believe that.
10Kan: Clean the world...OF PEOPLE
asterismW: I just can't fall for a man that still calls his dad "daddy".
10Kan: We don't know how old he is either.
: But--
: I'm afraid they're both right. Insurance isn't much of a living. But it's a living.
Zup: I'm not liking any of these women so far. I hope the other hot one is cool.
: Yes, but...well here's how I always looked at it. Insurance is kind of like gambling, isn't it?
: Well, actually, yes. But not having insurance is a gamble, too. Something could happen beyond your financial control, and then it's all over. You take my brother, for example--
LaZorra: Take my brother, please!
Nyperold: Boo-doomp-kish!
: ......Well, anyway.
: Say, Genevieve. I think you're real swell. What's that makeup you're wearing? It's really keen.
: ... *glare* ...
: I call it...
: makeup.
Maryam: Hehehe.
: Gosh, your hair sure is pretty. So blonde, it's almost as white as my teeth! Would you like an apple?
: Do I look like I want an apple?
Kalimeris: Well, her makeup is red and stuff.
TalkingDog: BLOOD
NessaChan: well, she obviously likes red!
NessaChan: poor tyler wyler
Kysle: I wonder where they're coming from. What a long helicopter ride.
10Kan: We must've just caught the end of the earlier characters' ride.
TalkingDog: They ran out of fuel, so they're stuck in mid air while they call for help.
: *flutter* Hey, Matt. *'accidentally' scooches closer* Suppose I was somebody you wanted to sell some insurance to. You might be worried something might happen to li'l ole me! What would you say? Let's hear your sales pitch. I bet you could sell me...anything.
asterismW: Is she drunk?
: Well, I...I'm not really...I'm on vacation you know. ... Well, I suppose I would start out by talking about how sometimes bad things happen in the world. You know, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and you can't be too careful.
: Yes...? And then...? *scooch*
: Well...heh! You know, we're on vacation. Maybe there are more fun things to talk about. As I said, insurance isn't really all that exciting.
: No kidding.
asterismW: Matt's a SPY! Or something!
10Kan: Matt's the worst spy ever.
Sam: Man, I'm already exhausted.
Sam: I don't think I've ever done creative writing at this speed before.
Maryam: At least tomorrow will be a break.
Sam: Yeah.
Sam: I think the extra day hereafter will be good.
Sam: I so love this, though.
Sam: All right, girls.
Sam: Cody's up next.
Kalimeris: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!LOLZ
asterismW: Cody's quickly losing his charm. No taste whatsoever.
Sam: Hey, what happened to all the cooing?? Oh, Kali came through.
: ...
: (talking to herself) Sure know how to pick the places, I'll give you that.
: Nothing like having the whole world spread out at your feet.
: --------hey! Who's that?
: Um. Hi.
: Oh, it's you.
: Uh...yeah, it's me.
: So, um...what's your name?----*cringe*
: ......Uh, Ramona. We met, like, just now.
: I knew that, yup. Uh. Ok, that was a stupid question.
: ...
: ...
: ...
asterismW: *snort*
Maryam: LOL
whitehelm: lol
: Um, do you come here often?
Kalimeris: Ahahahaha
Randy: Wow
whitehelm: to a deserted island, yep
: *snerk* I can't believe this.
Randy: He's even more awkard around girls than I am.
: Sure is cool, getting to stay here before the grand opening of the hotel.
: What are you talking about?
: The grand opening next week...didn't you get a letter, inviting you to stay--
: Duh, like, NO.
whitehelm: "I came here to kill everyone"
: I don't understand. How did you get a room here if--
10Kan: She's a party crasher!
: Somebody I know set it up.
: But how--
: I don't know, the Internet probably. Sheesh, you're nosy.
: I'm sorry. I just wanted to talk--
: Yeah yeah, I know, you just wanted to talk. Hahahaha. Kid, whatever your name is, I saw you coming a mile away. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic. What are you, 16? Sorry kid, but look me up when your voice changes. Nice suit.
Maryam: Ouch. Burn.
whitehelm: ooh
Kalimeris: Poor Cody.
LaZorra: Harsh.
asterismW: He DOES have a nice suit, though.
10Kan: "She noticed the suit! She's totally into me!"
: ...
Zup: She's the first to die...because he's the killer!
: Sorry. *walks away*
asterismW: Awww...
Maryam: Aww.
NessaChan: Poor Coders.. ;_;
Zup: Well, coder. Sam's the only one who coded this I believe.
: *shakes head* Hahahahaha. Sheesh.
Kalimeris: SOME pointy haired lady thinks she's somethin' special
: *comes back* No, wait a second. I'm not sorry. Look, all you had to say was you don't want a new friend. You didn't have to be rude. I'm not some kind of doormat!
10Kan: Get angry!
: Get away from me, loser.
: Hey--
: I said GET AWAY! *shove*
asterismW: KILL HER!
: Aa...whoa...aaugh...*flails arms*
DemanusFlint: Oh no!
Maryam: OH NOS!
Kalimeris: NO!
Zup: Whoa!
LaZorra: WHOA NO
whitehelm: Yes!
NessaChan: :O
whitehelm: Mystery solved
Kysle: Hah
Kalimeris: CODYYYYYY
Randy: Awesome
Randy: I mean!
Randy: Nooooooooo!
Kalimeris: Oh well.
Kalimeris: :-(
Zup: I know the killer!
: Quit screaming! *gasp* I've got you! *grunt* Find a foothold!
: I--I can't!
asterismW: LOL
Kalimeris: Hahahaha
10Kan: Hooray!
Maryam: LOL
: Well I can't--hold you much longer!
: The rocks keep slipping under my feet!
: Your hand's slipping!
: I can't hold on!
: ...Take my hair!
: What?
iwpg: LOL
Maryam: LOL LOL
Kalimeris: hahahaha
: TAKE MY HAIR! Tie it around you!
whitehelm: LOL
Zup: LOL
asterismW: LOL LOL
10Kan: It has the tensile strength of steel cable!
: It's...sticky!
NessaChan: lol
* Maryam dies.
: Whoa, perceptive of you...*strain* should be a...detective.
: I got it!
: Ok, now climb up!
NessaChan: Ramona, Ramona, let down your hair!
: *gasp*
: rrrrrr...
: ungh
: ...owowow...
asterismW: Oh man oh man oh man...
: Made it!
Zup: Well, she's now his princess.
10Kan: Look what you did, Cody. You completely ruined her hairdo.
whitehelm: Now push him off again
Gahalyn: "ungh" is such a great collection of letters :-)
: *pant*
: *pant*
Randy: Are those the Cliffs of Insanity?
: *sigh*
* LaZorra is cracking up.
: Thanks, Ramona. You saved my--
10Kan: What's that I hear? Is it LUHV in bloom?
Zup: LOL
LaZorra: LOL
: Skip it. I'd have saved a dog's life, but that doesn't mean I'd make out with it.
Kysle: 10Kan: no
: *frown*
: Yeah, well, thanks anyway. *skulks off*
asterismW: Ok, Cody's too much of a wet blanket for me.
Kalimeris: Yeah, he's all.
Kalimeris: *pouts*
Sam: LOL. All that, and Cody's the one that rubs you the wrong way.
: Ah, Cody. How did talk with girl go?
: Everything went wrong.
: Starting with choice of wrong girl, no doubt.
10Kan: Listen to Jay, he knows his stuff.
Kysle: Jay is wise.
: Come. Helicopter arrives with more guests. We greet?
: Sure, ok. Lead the way.
: And there we go. You all have a great time, ok?
: Golly, mister, thanks!
: W-w-w-whoa! I got so used to the helicopter, now I can't keep my balance on good old terra firma! *giggle*
: Welcome to Paradise Island. Call me Jay. This, Cody.
: Hi.
10Kan: His young ward.
: Hi, Jay! Hi, Cody! Pleasure to meet you.
: Mmmm, don't you look smart?
: I'm Camille.
: Do I know you from somewhere?
: Oh, I think I'd have remembered you.
10Kan: Ooh! The plot thickens!
: Genevieve. Yo.
: And I'm Tyler! Tyler Wyler! Care for an apple? An apple a day keeps the dentist away! Not that dentists are bad or anything, of course, it's just an expression. I want to be a dentist someday!
Zup: Golly.
Kalimeris: How old is Tyler Wyler again?
SirDude: I don't think we know yet
Maryam: So we're just missing cowboy and pouty girl.
: Pleasure to meet all. Come. Take you to rooms.
: Lead the way, sir!
: W-w-whoa! *giggle* Tripped on a root.
: Are you retarded or something?
: WOW! What a...a...CLEAN pool!
: this is my kind of life.
: Oh no, I think I'm FALLING IN!
: *catch* Easy! Lucky I was right behind you -- you might have fallen in!
: *grin* Yeah. *flutter* Lucky.
10Kan: Oh you two!
asterismW: Oh, she is so going to die next.
LaZorra: This is starting to remind me of reality TV.
Zup: Both need to fall in in true Romantic Comedy fashion.
: This way, please.
: Hi!

(boring introductions are made)

: Has our host arrived yet, Jay?
: Not yet. Please -- can take coat.
: Oh, no thanks. I'll keep it on.
: Dinner served at 6. Until then, please have run of facilities and island.
LaZorra: Oh no! They'll never all figure out how to get to the dining room just at six in time for dinner!
Randy: There are 2 people left, right?
: I think I'll check out the dining room! A clean dining room makes a clean home, my daddy always used to say!
: Golly, this is swell.
: Say, Tyler?
: That's my name, don't wear it out! Hahehahehah!
Kalimeris: Apple boy makes me sad.
* Nyperold sounds out his laugh.
: How did you come to be here? I mean, how did you get reservations to this hotel? Did you get invited, or--
: Well gosh, Cody, I... ...well... ...I just have business here, is all. It's kinda private, if you know what I mean. I...guess you don't, though.
asterismW: Ooh, apple guy has a secret agenda!
: There's something funny going on here. I was told--
: Hey guys! This where the party is?
: *gulp* Um, um, um, um, hi.
* 10Kan cues the 'love at first sight' music.
Kalimeris: Or second sight. Hehe.
Nyperold: Ooh, second sight.
whitehelm: Cody: You should take her to the cliff
Maryam: Nah, he needs to take Genevieve there. She's got rope hair too.
: Well, ladies. I think I'll retire to my room for a rest.
: Oh! Oh, actually...Matt? You know, I think that helicopter ride made me feel a little woozy. I don't suppose I could ask you to stick around until I feel a little better. It helps when I have somebody with me, you know, to...hold me.
Kalimeris: Well, that's a bit more creative.
: Holy crap. *rolls eyes*
: Listen, I'm going to the beach before I puke. Skin cancer can't be worse than this.
: Well now I just wonder what's ailin' her?
Nyperold: Type 2 Lovesickness?
10Kan: I think her hair might be a bit too tight.
Zup: Whoa, she slipped into a Southern accent.
Randy: Which makes her HOTTER.
: *stretch* Well, I think I'll take a walk. Don't you SLYYYYYY kids do anything I wouldn't do! Hehahehahehah! You know, there's nothing like a good walk in the afternoon to keep the heart pumping those cleaning chemicals around the body! Keeps the teeth nice and shiny white!
Randy: Die apple boy
NessaChan: I like appleboy
: Heh. He's quite a character. Well, I guess that just leaves us.
10Kan: Why yes, it does!
: *blush* I guess so.
Kalimeris: Wow, Cody moves from girl to girl like nobody's business.
: Katie, can I ask you a question?
10Kan: He's gonna propose!
: Sure, Cody -- go ahead.
whitehelm: How old are you?
: How did you get reservations for this hotel?
: ...
: ...My friend got them. What makes you ask a question like that, Cody?
: *frown* There's something funny going on around here.
10Kan: Cody, look out. It's probably an assassins convention or something.
: What is it?
: Cody, is something wrong? You can trust me.
asterismW: NEVER trust anyone who says you can trust them!
whitehelm: lol
SirDude: LOL
Kalimeris: Wow, these two make my head implode.
Kalimeris: Don't trust her. Never trust someone who's all "You can trust me!"
Kalimeris: If they have to say it, I mean, come on.
Kysle: aster: You know you can always trust me, though, right?
asterismW: Kysle: Of course!
Zup: You guys can't trust me.
whitehelm: You may or may not be able to truse me
whitehelm: trust me also
: I got a letter from a friend of my father's, inviting me to spend a week at this hotel -- the week before a grand opening. I figured everybody else coming here got the same offer, but Ramona said...well, it wasn't the same story. And Tyler.... I just don't understand. This place looks well-kept, sure, but does it look like it's on the verge of opening to the public? Where are the people working to get things ready? There's not even anybody in the kitchen! It's just Jay!
LaZorra: Never trust old men who look like Yoda.
Maryam: But Yoda's trustworthy!
10Kan: But Yoda looks like himself!
asterismW: At least Cody's starting to use his brain.
: You got a letter? From whom?
: Friend of my father's, like I said. A Mr. Spilk. That name mean anything to you?
: No....
* 10Kan tries to see if "spilk' is an anagram.
10Kan: P.S. KIL?
Zup: LOL
10Kan: K LIPS!
LaZorra: OOOH
asterismW: Woo!
: *whistle* doo-de-dooo
10Kan: Uh-oh.
: bum ba da da bum...*whistle*
DemanusFlint: Things are not looking good!
: *whistle* la la la l----*blank*
NessaChan: poor appleboy
Zup: LOL
Randy: LOL
Kalimeris: hahahaha
* LaZorra is too empathetic for her own good.
Kalimeris: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! HE FOUND SOME APPLES
: What is it?
Zup: It's the dread-lady
: What wrong?
DemanusFlint: Oh good, it's not Jay.
: What's your problem?
asterismW: Medusa's dead!
Zup: LOL
iwpg: LOL
Maryam: LOL
: She's DEAD!
10Kan: GASP!
Kalimeris: hahahahahahaha
iwpg: LOL
Zup: LOL
asterismW: LOL
DemanusFlint: hahahaha
Maryam: OH NOS!
NessaChan: lol oh noes
NessaChan: I thought maybe she'd get Xs in her eyes
10Kan: The cord of her fate was cruelly cut before its time!
Kalimeris: We hardly knew her!
Maryam: Stop smiling, you apple fool!
: She's been STABBED!
: In her EYES!
: What's with all the screaming?
: Huh?
LaZorra: LOL LOL
whitehelm: LOL
asterismW: LOLOLOL
10Kan: ROTFL
: I'm trying to relax here. Scream somewhere else.
Zup: LOL
LaZorra: LOL LOL LOL!!
Maryam: LOL
SirDude: XD
Kalimeris: Hahahaha
NessaChan: pwnt.
Zup: You fooled me again!
: But...but...but...but...but your eyes-- BOTH of your eyes!
DemanusFlint: Sam, Sam, Sam...
Kalimeris: Sam's mean.
iwpg: LOL
Randy: Stupid apple guy.
Zup: Sam = tease
: It's her makeup, lunkhead.
: Oh.
: *whew*
: *sigh*
: I knew that.
asterismW: That was awesome!
Kysle: Wait- she's a zombie??
Kalimeris: Apple man could never be a dentist with that brain of his.
* Zup give Sam Uber-Props.
NessaChan: Tyler Wyler is willey!
* Zup won't trust Sam ever again.
Zup: Unless there are Xs in the eyes.
* whitehelm won't trust Sam even then
10Kan: But really, wearing your hair like that is just asking for it from the Norns.
Zup: LOL
10Kan: LOL
Maryam: hahaha
asterismW: Aaahhh....
* Kalimeris claps

(that evening, at dinner)

: Well, now. This looks delicious, Jay. Did you cook this yourself, or do you have an assistant hiding back in the kitchens somewhere?
LaZorra: They figured out when dinner was!
: Cooked meal myself.
NessaChan: monkey brains?
: It looks great, Mrityunjay!
Kalimeris: Aww, but Cody is neat because he calls him by his real name.
: Mriiiwha...?
: Mrityunjay. It's his name. Jay's just a nickname.
: What IS this? Listen, I appreciate the cooking and all, but I don't eat anything I can't identify. Don't you have a burger or something?
: Ramona!
: Ohhhh, burgers are bad for the teeth! Ask anybody! Now this -- well, my daddy always used to say, Chinese food is great for the complexion!
iwpg: LOL
: Is Nepalese.
: Oh. Well, he didn't say anything about Nepalese food, but I'm sure it's really healthy! I'd have to be -- look at you, I mean, you must be 60, 70 years old already!
asterismW: LOL
NessaChan: lol
LaZorra: Already!
: Is nice compliment, Mr. Wyler. But am 99.
: 99? Wowwww.
: He'll be 100 the day after tomorrow!
: Well that's lovely, Mrityunjay. We'll have to celebrate.
whitehelm: So where are the other guys? The cowboy and such
iwpg: wh: I'm guessing he's the host.
whitehelm: There's a girl missing too...
iwpg: wh: yeah, not sure about her. We'll have to wait and see....
: Tyler...?
: Yes?
: There's something different about you! I just can't place what it is.... Did you change your hair since the helicopter ride?
Maryam: LOL
NessaChan: haha
LaZorra: hehehe
Maryam: I totally didn't notice.
LaZorra: Maryam: I didn't, either!
Kalimeris: But orange is acidic and acidic things are bad for teeeeeth
: Oh, why no, Camille! I, uh...nothing's different at all! Not a thing! SAY, THAT'S A REALLY NICE...THING...OVER THERE.
: Hey, where's Genevieve?
NessaChan: Matt is observant!
: I haven't seen her since she went to the beach. Do you suppose she fell asleep out there?
: I saw Genevieve an hour ago. I think she went up to her room.
Kalimeris: Cody is suspicious.
: Oh, never mind. I'm sure she'll find the dining room when she gets hungry.

(time passes)

: Well, that was a wonderful meal, Jay. Thanks!
: Sure was!
: Thank you, Mrityunjay.
: Yeah, thanks. How about pizza or something next time, huh?
: Breakfast served in morning when get up. Breakfast area through that way. Excuse -- I prepare breakfast for tomorrow. *leaves*
: Tyler, I've got it. I know what's different about you.
: You--you do?
: You changed your shirt, didn't you?
: No.
: Oh.
Gahalyn: LOL
asterismW: Beach bimbo has GOT to go.
: Oh! Emergency! Come quick!
: What's the matter?
: Look! Is dead!
: Oh...oh no.
asterismW: LOLOL
NessaChan: lol
iwpg: LOL
whitehelm: I don't believe it
* Kalimeris facedesks
Randy: DEAD
Gahalyn: Eeeep!
Kysle: Nice 'x's
Nyperold: Someone strangled her! With her own hair!
10Kan: Strangled with her own braids, no doubt.
NessaChan: haha, that's what I said too
Sam: I had that X's image done up before the tournament started.
asterismW: That's so ruling!
Sam: I am unduly proud of the X's being underneath her hair.
Randy: LOL!
Maryam: LOL Sam.
NessaChan: maybe she's just faking
whitehelm: I bet it's more makeup
NessaChan: and it's her new makeup
: Holy crap.
: Oh no! Dying is very unhealthy!
Maryam: LOL LOL
LaZorra: hehehe
: Let me look at her.
: What happened?
: W-w-whoa!
: She's dead, all right. And look -- an apple lying by her hand, with a bite taken out.
asterismW: !!!
Randy: oooooooh
Kalimeris: UH OH
Kalimeris: skettios.
NessaChan: :O
NessaChan: Tyler Wyler doesn't seem like the type
whitehelm: no, I bet apply boy was the intended target
Maryam: It's a frame-up!
whitehelm: cause he usually has the apple
NessaChan: poor Tyler!
: So...what, did she choke on it? What happened? Oh no...this can't be happening.
: I don't know, I guess. I'm no doctor.
: Choked on an apple...just like that? How frightening!
: Ramona...let's get out of these people's way. We should talk.
: Are you sure she choked? What if the apple was poisoned?
: Poisoned! What a dreadfully gruesome thought! Who'd want to poison Genevieve? Why, we don't even KNOW her!
: If was poison, still perhaps accidental. Must leave her here -- let authorities decide.
: Authorities! Now, Matt, I don't think--
: We don't really need authorities, do we?
: He's right, Camille.
: Tyler...?
: Er--yes?
Zup: Oh that wily Wyler.
: Where's your apple?
SirDude: Tyler - Think fast!
NessaChan: Tyler is too dumb to murder
Zup: Maybe thats what they WANT you to think.
NessaChan: Maybe... Yvette poisoned the cooK!
: Well! Hehah! Funny you should mention it, I--
: Yeah, Tyler. Where IS your apple?
: I...lost it?
: Tyler...Tyler, now I don't think that's funny. This woman died eating an apple, and it sure looks like your apple, because goodness knows I got to know it well, staring at it for three hours in the helicopter.
Maryam: LOL
: I'm telling the truth! I was hoping nobody would notice! I feel so insecure without an apple, and I only brought one. I found an orange in the kitchen, but no app--
: Tyler, what happened to the apple?
: It's like I say! I lost it! I set it down in my room when I went to take a shower, and...and...when I came out...*shudder*....IT WAS GONE!
NessaChan: I believe him.
: All right, never mind. It's probably not important anyway. Probably Genevieve just found it, wandered down here, took a bite, and choked on it. Jay, is there a phone or something around here?
: No phones. No lines, and no cellular service. Is radio.
Nyperold: Nice communications setup for a hotel that's supposedly opening very soon.
: Let's go use it and call somebody in. We should get a doctor out here, too. A doctor might be able to tell us what happened.
: Will radio now. Come, if you wish. *leaves*
: *follows*
: A doctor? Yes, a doctor would be good! We can call a doctor out here, and he can decide if we need to bring in the authorities.... *follows after*
Nyperold: "Anyone know Morse Code?"
: I just can't believe it.
: It's a shock, isn't it? We didn't know her but--
: I'd never seen a dead body before.
: ...
: I suppose that was a stupid thing to say.
: Not at all, Cody. Me neither. It's pretty unsettling.
: Doctor called. Will arrive in morning.
: This has been too much of an evening for me. I'm going to bed. Night night, everyone.
: ...
: Hi...Hayley.
iwpg: Oooooh....
Maryam: Ooooh.
Zup: oooooh, he knows her real name
whitehelm: OOOHHH
NessaChan: DUN DUN
Randy: OOOOH
: Matt. Oh, this is so terrible. *hug*
Nyperold: Oh, she knows he knows.
Randy: And he knows she knows he knows.
: Yeah. We knew this would be dangerous, but I didn't think things would get this bad, and not this soon, either.
: What have you found out? Camille seemed to hang on to you pretty tight.
: Yeah. I'm afraid I didn't find out very much, though. Maybe she's smarter than she lets on. Maybe not. How about Cody?
: Cody acts confused and suspicious, and I think he's on the level. He knows something's funny about how everybody came to be here, and he's asking questions.
: If he's asking questions, that probably means he doesn't know the answers. But somebody does. But it's hard to believe it's Tyler, either. He's a stooge, for sure. A perfect stooge. Dumb as can be.
Zup: They've gotta be detectives.
: A little too dumb, don't you think?
: Perhaps. Maybe you'll have better luck with him. How's Ramona?
: *sigh* She still doesn't understand how much trouble she's in. But then, maybe we underestimated it too.
: Yeah. When the doctor arrives, they're going to find out Genevieve's death wasn't an accident. When that happens, our job is going to get a lot harder.

End of Chapter 2

Maryam: Ooohh.
whitehelm: TO BE CONTINUED....
NessaChan: dun dun
* Randy applauds.
NessaChan: exciting
Zup: I don't think the Apple Guy did it; I mean he freaked out when he thought she was dead earlier.
whitehelm: They could've all been in on it