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The Mystery of Paradise Island

By Samuel Stoddard

About the Book

The Mystery of Paradise Island is a mystery thriller with an ensemble cast of characters. I had two stories in the back of my mind when I wrote it, namely Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (also known as Ten Little Indians) and Gavin Lyall's The Most Dangerous Game, as both of these novels involve mortal peril on a remote tropical island.

From there, however, the novel finds its own way, periodically crossing into other subgenres like the detective story, the thriller, and the caper. It is intended as escapist entertainment, which is how it is meant to be enjoyed; at the same time, I hope that I have been able to capture some truths about human nature between the lines.

It is 407 pages long, or roughly 116,600 words. This is longer than the average mystery novel, but this is because the average mystery novel revolves around a single event -- a murder, usually, or a theft -- and concludes with the resolution of that one event. The Mystery of Paradise Island has quite a bit more going on, although it's best if I do not elaborate.

The book is available in both hardcover and trade paperback editions. Both editions are 6" x 9" and contain the same text. Click here to buy a copy.