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Book-A-Minute Bedtime

The Nancy Drew Series

By Carolyn Keene

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard, David J. Parker, Chris Curtis, and Carol Curtis

(Nancy Drew and her friends EAT. Her mother died when she was three.)

Nancy Drew, help me with this mystery.
Nancy Drew
Ok. Friends, let's talk about the mystery and eat food.
Hannah Gruen
Nancy Drew, be careful. Here, have a new car and an all-expenses paid exotic vacation.
Nancy Drew
Look. That guy I saw being rude before seems to be involved in this mystery.
(Nancy Drew and her friends EAT. They find a CLUE. They EAT. Nancy gets CAPTURED, but she ESCAPES with information that SOLVES the mystery.)

Thank you, Nancy Drew. Have a reward.
Nancy Drew
No thanks.


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