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Book-A-Minute Bedtime

The Hardy Boys Series

By Franklin W. Dixon

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard and David J. Parker

I'm the fair-haired rash one.
I'm the dark-haired studious one and a year older than Joe.
(A MYSTERY happens. The Hardy Boys find a CLUE. They go to an exotic LOCALE with nothing but POCKET CHANGE and INVESTIGATE it. Chet Morton gets KIDNAPPED.)

Stop! You're not allowed in here! Oh wait, you're Fenton's boys. Let me give you a tour of our top secret restricted area.
(The Hardy Boys witness a SHADY DEAL taking place.)

Our case seems to be related to the case our father is working on, just like last time.
(The Hardy Boys suspect a SUSPICIOUS guy, but he turns out to be INNOCENT. They solve the CASE, and they capture the BADGUYS.)


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